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nl25 review
  Into Infinity, Oct 16 2017

decided to put in some money on ACR since i had some BTC lying around.

i was never a big winner (used to make cry posts on here a lot, but i was a pretty big gay back then) but pre-black friday i was winning around 4 BB/100 or so? i was pretty bad at the game but i thought it was easy to win doing the standard stuff.

my first impression of ACR is that nl25 is full of regs. i've been 6 tabling 6 max and it seems like i'll have the same people on every table.

anyway... i haven't played in a while and haven't been keeping up with the poker meta so maybe i'm just a bit out of touch (or i just suck, lol)

first 3.5k hands. not too impressive. a lot of my bigger losing hands is just fancy play syndrome and putting myself in bad spots (edit: one session, all the tables were full, so i sat at 4 empty tables and had the same guy sit against me on all four and destroy me for four BIs before i gave up), but i've hand some hands where i scratched my head a bit at. hoping for some input:

hand 1:
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hand 2:
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hand 3:
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jet + buttcoins
  Into Infinity, Sep 14 2017

hi lp

i work in a cubicle making comfy (read, good but underpaid imo) money doing a stressful job (doing sql and making business recommendations/BI) for a company i don't really care about. i feel like i'm become so apathetic with life. crypto is my new 401k and i've been accumulating various shitcoins (mostly omg + a handful of others like FUN) since may, right before that big bull run, waiting for the day buttcoins will let me CEO10k/day.

i've been thinking about doing one of those teach english abroad things and have been teaching myself anime speak for about a month now using genki (about 1/2way through genki1) and memrise/anki, putting in about 3 hours a day. i feel like i really need something big to happen in my life otherwise i feel like i'm going to be one of those stereotypical guys who hates their job then goes home and beats their wife and kids.

thoughts? anyone have any experience packing up your stuff and leaving everything behind?

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  Into Infinity, Nov 30 2016

lets say i have an .xlsx sheet which i load into pandas with a merged cell

A W some merged value*
A X some merged value*
A Y some merged value*

(pretend the *'s are all one big merged cell)

it will show up in pandas as this:

A W some merged value
A X nan
A Y nan
A Z nan

so i type this:

df['col3'] = pd.Series(df['col3']).fillna(method='ffill')

and i get this:

A W some merged value
A X some merged value
A Y some merged value
A Z some merged value

not what i want because row 4, column 3 was blank and not part of the merged cell.

how do i get around this?

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quick 1 minute python question
  Into Infinity, Sep 22 2016

i'm trying to teach myself how to do some python and i've run into this problem multiple times, and what better place to ask then LP?

tried googling but maybe i'm just getting old and have a short attention span now or just suck at looking for answers online

def x(y):
if y == 0:
print("Turn on")
y = 1
print("Turn off")
y = 0

when X runs (y = 0 by default), y doesn't update to 1 so the switch stays off.
from my understanding, something about each X being a separate instance or perimeters can't be variables or something something i don't fucking know. how do i fix this

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wtf is up with failsafe
  Into Infinity, Mar 11 2016

thanks for crashing my computer with all those useless pics

posting from my nokia 3310

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lifting prop bet UPDATE
  Into Infinity, Dec 23 2015

i recently measured all my 1RMs also, so my actual totals (in pounds) are:

squat: 405
deadlift: 405
bench: 195 (lol)

pretty proud of myself for actually breaking the 1k mark. this time last year, my totals were around:

squat: 205
deadlift: 275
bench: 115 (double lol)

next stop: have a non-terrible bench, maintain squat, get deadlift to 495 by summer

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lifting prop bet
  Into Infinity, Nov 12 2015

just bet my boss at work that i can hit a 405 squat by december 31, 2015.

yesterday was the first time i ever did a set of 315 for 5.

wish me luck brahs

height: 6'
current weight: 180
bench 1rm: estimating 185
squat 1rm: estimating 355-365
diddlylift 1rm: 415

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retiring + moving on
  Into Infinity, Oct 15 2015

RIP dota, feels good not playing that game anymore and pro dota is boring as hell to watch.

BUT, if anyone wants to slam in CS:GO, add me on steam -
Currently sitting at mg2. only been playing since the beginning of july but it's so addicting

kinda getting back into hearthstone as well, M5ive#1688. currently running maly rogue, haven't played in over a month but won around 10 straight starting at rank 20.

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womp womp
  Into Infinity, Sep 01 2015

my life:

wake up at 7:45
leave for work around 8:30
get home around 5:30
play cs:go until 1 am

wake up at around noon
play cs:go until 2 am

throw in the gym 3 or 4 times a week and hanging out with the girlfriend every now and then

living the dream...

just to make this thread worthwhile:
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is the raid 2 the goat action movie?
  Into Infinity, Aug 11 2015

Poll: is the raid 2 the goat action movie
(Vote): yes
(Vote): yes

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