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nl25 review

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Into Infinity   United States. Oct 16 2017 09:11. Posts 1858
decided to put in some money on ACR since i had some BTC lying around.

i was never a big winner (used to make cry posts on here a lot, but i was a pretty big gay back then) but pre-black friday i was winning around 4 BB/100 or so? i was pretty bad at the game but i thought it was easy to win doing the standard stuff.

my first impression of ACR is that nl25 is full of regs. i've been 6 tabling 6 max and it seems like i'll have the same people on every table.

anyway... i haven't played in a while and haven't been keeping up with the poker meta so maybe i'm just a bit out of touch (or i just suck, lol)

first 3.5k hands. not too impressive. a lot of my bigger losing hands is just fancy play syndrome and putting myself in bad spots (edit: one session, all the tables were full, so i sat at 4 empty tables and had the same guy sit against me on all four and destroy me for four BIs before i gave up), but i've hand some hands where i scratched my head a bit at. hoping for some input:

hand 1:
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hand 2:
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hand 3:
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Fayth    Canada. Oct 16 2017 16:12. Posts 10085

Hand1: probably should never check raise the 78dd flop unless you have a backdoor flush draw to go along with it, check river as played, shove occasionally as a bluff over a bet, mostly fold though

Hand2: What the fuck at cold calling a 3bet with 43hh, postflop is fine except bet bigger on the river

Hand3: 3bet pre more so than anything, postflop looks okay

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deathstar   United States. Oct 16 2017 21:12. Posts 111

Hand 1: size turn larger, he has many combo draws and hes not really folding 8x either if you bet larger
And I think checking river is better than betting because if you bet small i think you get bluff raised more often than if you just check.
Hand 2: I like the call preflop, its 200bb deep, It is printing versus a strong value range, but loses value versuses a merged range. Such as JJ+,AK its printing money to call preflop.
I think you should size the turn larger to increase fold equity when you have 4 high and also set up the pot size up for a good river jam when you hit.
Hand 3: 3bet pre, but as played fine.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 16 2017 21:42. Posts 4660

agree with fayth on everything, except first hand i think c/r 78 is fine, but it is better to have some backdoor equity and i prefer c/c without it.

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lebowski   Greece. Oct 21 2017 19:17. Posts 9170

  On October 16 2017 20:42 Stroggoz wrote:
agree with fayth on everything, except first hand i think c/r 78 is fine, but it is better to have some backdoor equity and i prefer c/c without it.

why is it fine to c/r a weak top pair like that though? I'd rather c/r an underpair like a 2 or 5 here. Am I missing something?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 21 2017 20:26. Posts 4660

value/protection-taking it down. people cbet a lot so you should c/r it a lot. both options of c/c and c/r are fine. It's so minor i prob shouldn't have even disagreed

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