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Actual Crossroads (non-dumb)
  hiems, Sep 29 2021

I'm considering making a move to a new city. I realized that I can switch companies doing the same thing I am doing now and relocate to an area with lower cost of living while making more $. I've been brainstorming places for a good month or so now, and the top contender is Dallas/FortWerth area. Other contenders were Houston but I figure I don't want to deal with hurricanes and the weather is slightly worse. Also the economy is more tied to oil idk if that is good or bad. Atlanta was another contender but just didn't have too many positives to beat out Dallas or Houston. Charlotte NC was also a consideration but then I realize RiKD lives there so that is obviously off the table. Aside from that though the Airport while being underrated for a smaller city, still has expensive/worse flights compared to major hubs like DAL/HOU.

I considered Vegas/San Diego but Vegas isn't great for me in terms of work probably and San Diego too expensive and too many liberals.

Anyway my financial projections are -- Currently making 85k maybe in a few years make 95k. By switching companies and moving would probably start at 95k and 115k/120kish in a few years. I've run some "Take home pay calculator" Sims and it seems like I'd earn between $200-$400 a week more with this other job. This accounts for the income tax I'd save by living in Texas.

The only thing that skews this is that I am still living at home with the parents LOL so that saves me a good 10k-15k TAXFREE minimum a year. T-a-x-f-r-e-e. That is like equivalent of making 13k-20k doing nothing. That is a pretty tough thing to beat.

Housing options living in Texas would be to monklife a craigslist room or buy a property and rent spare rooms out but IDK. There are houses in DFW suburbs that are 3bed 3bath for 250k and I could rent spare rooms out, but idk I'd be paying a hefty 3% in property taxes per year. Also furnishing a place so I can rent it out probably costs close to 10k at a minimum I am thinking.

edit: forgot to mention that my current setup is really easy. I'm making progress at the gym, getting better at guitar. There's a good chance I'd have to give those up by moving.

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Abstract Art
  hiems, Sep 13 2021

a true masterpiece.

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  hiems, Sep 06 2021

I think we should remove RiKD's green star.

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Random Poker update
  hiems, Sep 21 2020

Random poker update. Fwiw I would have updated more but there are alot of anti-poker ppl on this forum so I have been trying to avoid using this blog.

also up a little bit on other NJ site. Anyway I have been doing pretty well since May after the Galfond Challenge when I realized some things about poker. I want to take poker more seriously and honestly I really love the content from these CFP stables and tried applying to one and have gotten an offer from one of them but there are some things that I will need to sort out and I'm not sure if I can make it work.

Wondering if there are any active players that play for a living that can give me some advice or something(maybe on skype rather than here).

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Poker Goals
  hiems, Feb 11 2020

Hi everyone,

I've been dabbling with poker here and there for the past year and I probably need to take it a bit more seriously if I am going to see any positives coming out of poker. I've been making decent progress getting myself setup/organized, studying more, but I have a long way to go.

I live in New Jersey, so I have been playing StarsNJ on and off for the past year and put in ~30k hands. Since I have a job volume is difficult, but there is definitely room to improve in this area going forward. I have access to some pretty decent training content, which seems to be readily available these days. I have also decided to reinvest in a rented server and hope to become reasonably competent with Pio analysis this year.

Decided I'd make a quick blog post here so that I could get a bit more motivated with my goals.
I am going to make my initial set of goals fairly achievable so that I can build from it rather than set something unrealistic from the start
-8k hands / month (I realize this is low but given my setup I feel like this is a good starting point for me).
-devote time to Pio every week. I know this is vague, but i'm not even great with PIO yet. same thing with my volume goal being low at 8k hands, probably my PIO hand review goal will be something like 1-2 spots a day to start.
-get better with game selection, dont be in a rush to play higher stakes or battle regulars. exception for higher stakes (200nl and 500nl) is going to be when this huge whale sits in the daytime and I'm able to get a seat. otherwise, going to be focused on 50nl and 100nl for the time being.
-get better with using stats/databases/huds. this is an area i really suck at right now. currently using hem2 potentially switch to pokertracker or h2n.

I'm doing ok in other areas of my life (financial, fitness, learning, etc) probably the only thing lacking is socialization which I don't really have time for at the moment.

Anyway I guess that's it. Feel free to ask any questions.

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nancy pelosi xxx
  hiems, Nov 12 2018

The mid-term elections just ended. I was watching news when I saw Nancy Pelosi. I google searched "Nancy Pelosi young" then "Nancy Pelosi naked", expecting to see exactly what I saw -- a photo of her face cropped on various poses of naked women. I was kind of turned on by it. More seriously though, I find myself having trouble with political identity. I don't really fit in with either side of the political spectrum. I am fearful that I will always be without friends, without sides, without identity. I am working on this though so we'll see how it goes.

I am pretty shallow. I can't get myself to like a girl unless she is reasonably hot. I also fear that a woman will grow old and fat in a long term relationship. The world itself is very shallow though. I have found that you generally end up with someone similar in attractiveness level to you. The world tells me I am not attractive. It sucks. I posted on social media for the first time in awhile a few months back and a girl liked my post that I think I could have gone out with. She def was not very attractive. She was really asian, church-going, and didn't have her shit together life wise. The thing that annoyed me most was that I got the impression she just kind of presumed that she and I were a great match for some reason which was depressing.

I've thought about getting a cat recently but I haven't made up my mind whether its a good idea or not. I've also thought about getting into scuba diving.

That's all for now I guess.

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what should I do?
  hiems, Oct 15 2018

I'm feeling pretty depressed about stuff lately and I'm not sure what to do.

Dont have any friends and dating is hard for me. I dont have many avenues to meet new people.

I have a stupid job that I stay at because it pays ok around 72k. Currently have around 150k+ in savings. Living with parents at the moment cause I dont know what to do. Life is passing me by right now...

I kind of want to just quit my job and travel/live in cheap countries for a while. Maybe just the winter and then start working again. I could probably keep doing that every year. Still I'm not sure if that constitutes a real life. It's probably the most realistic plan I have now though.

I'd like to work remotely somehow while traveling but I dont know how to get this done. If I knew I could do the job I wouldn't mind getting some sort of IT or programming skills but I have heard alot of remote positions are for seasoned/high demand workers and I really dont think id have the chops for it.

My original plan was to just keep working, save up like 500k and just live off that forever(in cheap countries). I can't wait that long though. I think if I am very frugal I'm saving around 40k a year right now so that'd be 9 fucking years...

What should I do?

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Need Skrill
  hiems, Sep 06 2018

Need $40 Skrill can do $45 paypal.

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Nofap bet
  hiems, Jul 21 2018

I'm looking to book some sort of nofap challenge. Doesn't have to be for much and I'm ok with just competing vs myself and maybe if I lose I do something for charity.

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(live poker) looking sublet in vegas.
  hiems, Jan 27 2017


I was wondering if anybody was interested in subletting my place in vegas. It's at the veer, which aside from the vdara (cheaper than vdara) is imo the most convenient place to grind live cash in las vegas from (>panorama, martin, meridian, etc). It's not super furnished but there is a sofa bed + additional mattress, and new dining table which i picked out that I double as my computer desk, and a sick 72x40 double sided rolling whiteboard (lol). Its a small space (studio) but <3 it and its very nice/modern.

Lease goes through August 1st so you are good to grind from start to end of World Series of Poker. Also you will be able to grind the games in mid march during march madness which are the nuts.

You can stay for a couple months. Only thing would be that since I am just gauging interest on here I am not going through the landlord so I ask for some sort of discretion with that.

I'm paying $1,350 and would be willing to sublease for less as I am not really looking to make a profit margin or anything. I'm willing to go lower depending on the length of your stay.

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