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I agree with jlost

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stacked the communist
  hiems, Apr 16 2022

so in starsnj there is the reg that is a communist. i found this out because one day i was browsing twitter and randomly i thought i saw a screenname that was familiar and it turns out its the 100nl/200nl reg i play with. also i didnt go stalk him or anyhting weird like that because his twitter handle is his poker screen name with an "X" in between so TheDumbxLoco, for its not like it shows up in searches.

anyway i click on his twitter profile and he is a full blown communist, he has like...the soviet symbol on his handle and everything lol. he actually looks a bit like stroggoz has similar vibe lol.

anyway i asked about it in chatbox one day telling him i found his twitter lol. some point it seemed to annoy him and he doesnt respond to my comments anymore lol. i do the patented hieMS sweet talk 2 this poor guy loco will kno

anyway today started with a hand where he 3bet from button vs my ep or mp raise...i had AKo standard 4bet and he folds. I needle him and say "1 for capitalism" lol. response

then I 4bet AAwith ace of diamonds vs his button 3bet he snap calls preflop with TT flop comes like K32 or something with 2 diamonds. I for some reason check and he checks. Diamond turn. c-c. forget the river. I make block bet he calls.

then later sb vs bb I 4bet TT and he jams AQo and I dont love it but call and i hold for 120bb. (quite alot for Tens so not sure about this).

later fish limps I 3.5x TT IP he 3bets rather large from blinds with AJsuited or something flop comes like TT8 2 spades he bets large side I call with quads obv....spr is about 1 at this point. turn and river make 3 flush spades and he hits a broadway straight on river and jams and I SNAPPPP THE COMMUNIST OFF WITH QUADS!!!

shoulda have slow rolled but I was stuck so couldnt afford to like...disconnect or anything from the pot LOL...the last 2 hands happen like back to back just outta nowhere devastatingly lose 2 stacks LOL what a communist!!


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Better than netflix
  hiems, Apr 14 2022

I've been watching these "15 minutes movie recap" channels on YouTube and they r amazing.

These channels basically summarize the movie scene by scene in 15 min. They do a really good job and alot of times they make a bad movie watchable and obv its alot easier to watch than an actual movie or TV show. Also they have movies from diff countries u might have never scene. Its almost a life hack except they r addicting so u waste time because u can't stop.

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tip policy @ cracker barrel
  hiems, Apr 10 2022

i recently ate at the american chain restaraunt "caracker barrel" for first time.

i was trying to get a to-go order because I did not want to pay the tip. to me, getting a to-go order is a way to avoid this...thats the whole point of a to-go order.

well the weird thing about this restaraunt is that when u say "I want a to-go order" they say OK the server will be right with you....then the server takes ur order and you pay at the cashier.

to me this is a bizarre thing. most other restaraunts u just take the order at the register and they bring u the food. with this particular system they kind of expect u to tip the server. to me this is kind of crazy. a did this a few times and one time the server did seem upset about no tip.

i looked it up on quora and there are actually ppl that say "oh well when I am at cracker barrel I do leave a small tip, (maybe like $1) because of the way they do it".

whatever the case I dont want to leave even $1. am I wrojng for thinkin this way?

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What type of content
  hiems, Apr 03 2022

What type of content would you like to see?

Poll: What type of content u interested in
(Vote): More Loco stuff(meme, skits, screenplays, music videos)
(Vote): P0kah
(Vote): Actual life of hiems
(Vote): Hiems $$ wisdom (coupons, finding money on the ground, best waterfountains to steal 25 cents from)
(Vote): Plz stop posting

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What would you do?
  hiems, Apr 01 2022

I recently was suggested a article of a 22 year old girl that was mauled by 2 dogs in Texas recently and her face got really fucked up for life.

The boyfriend is staying with her. I think the article said she helped him through cancer recently and he is glad to be able to help her like she helped him with cancer.

Anyway this made me think about stuff like wtf would I do in this it worth being in an actual serious relationship with a woman unless you are actual prepared to do this? Etc etc.

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WhY i act dumb
  hiems, Feb 08 2022

Axiom: I beat Loco.

Therefore the dumber i act the more tilted Loco gets because that means he is even dumber than me.

Its all part of the plan...

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Meet the Loco
  hiems, Dec 12 2021

I've been bed-ridden for a few days after having my wisdom teeth taken out. It kind of sucks balls I have been living off of carbo-gain, whey protein, vegetable-shake-powder, peanut butter, and multi-vitamins for the past 3days and the pain hasn't gone away yet. Feel free to donate to my paypal or patreon btw...i also take crypto.

Anyway I had some time so I was thinking about how concerned I am about the Loco's life trajectory. I remember he told me a story once on Discord about how he was on a long flight and some guy sitting next to him started giving him "life advice" how he told him "He is good at figuring out what people should do with their lives"...Loco said he doesnt give a crap about stuff like that but I thought to myself, "Man how pathetic must Loco come off as in real life for strangers to randomly start giving him advice on what to do in life"

I thought about the movie "Meet the Parents" and I imagine Loco has been in a similar situation a few times in his life...where he goes home to his girlfriend's family gathering and their right-winger father disapproves of Loco's life choices. I can see it in my head, Robert Deniro complaining that for starters, he doesn't even have a car! "What kind of guy doesnt even have a car?!!?" "And he works as game tester? WTF is that!" What a dumb loco!!! I wonder how many times he has been dumped because of this!! LmK if you agree with this!!

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Loco's Shark Avatar
  hiems, Dec 07 2021

I was wondering if there was a way to change Loco's shark avatar.

I realize that avatars change with post count, but the shark is a sacred animal in poker because of the term "poker shark".

In My Opinion, loco is a very dumb guy!!! He is also a dumb vegan!!!! He doesn't even have a car!!! Lol! Soo I think his avatar should be something more appropriate for him.

Like a fairy. Or a princess. Or a figure skater landing a triple axel.

wat yall think?

Ps we should remove rikds green star

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Thoughts about NJ/PA/DE/MI Online Poker
  hiems, Dec 05 2021

I've been really ramping up my due diligence on relocating to a different state lately. At the bare minimum, I am going to switch jobs soon to a company that can better facilitate my transfer to another state.

The thing that really bothers me is not being able to play NJ online poker. It's definitely a major hold-up. I haven't played much this year but have been messing around a bit lately . It really is great to be able to play poker on sites with great software (Stars mainly, but Party is good too). Even if I am playing like...30nl, 50nl it is alot of fun to be able to play and work a bit on your game here and there. Mainly I was thinking about moving back to Vegas, but really it's not the same comparing software vs Stars. I'm sure the traffic is there but I think that being able to save hand histories and see where your game is going is a really valuable thing that I kind of dont want to lose . It really is annoying that Vegas doesnt allow trackers on their sites.

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cool song i found
  hiems, Nov 26 2021

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