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  Fayth, Sep 22 2012

Selling action at 1.15 if anyone wants to buy
pretty much 300$ for 5%, PM me or post here if interested, I'll list those I booked here

willing to sell/swap up to 50%

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Unrelated to me, Directed to Joeingram
  Fayth, Jan 01 2012

I think you should try to set a 1v1 prop bet of most hands played in a month, You versus Athene

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  Fayth, Dec 13 2011


Christmas is coming pretty fast, I'm fairly late for that but I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot anyway, I'm writing this year again to get any donation you feel like making. We basically go in a shopping mall and there are these paper christmas balls with names and 2 different gift we may choose from, we basically get as many as possible until all the money's gone.

This money is going to be used to buy gifts for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to get anything for christmas, I've done this the past 2 years, this year I might have a special guest who will come and tag along to buy gifts, you guys know him as takechip, he's quite hilarious so it should be fun.

I got told we had until december 15th to do this and since there usually are a lot of people in the malls on thursdays I figured we should go tomorrow night, so send as much money as you'd like within the next 24 hours and then I'm off to shop!

You can send at:

Pokerstars: ilir3

if you want another way of transfering I also have 888 and Party, just PM me if so

cheers, and merry christmas !

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Mini Fayth
  Fayth, Feb 14 2011

Her name is Kayla, she was born on feb 11th à 5:18 AM, it didn't go exactly as expected, 9 hours of labor and then they realized it was too risky for her to give birth the normal way... so she got a Cesarean (baby had its umbilical cord 3 times wrapped around the neck)

but everything ended well, she's super healthy and cute as hell

first 2 days I had to take care of literally everything cuz of the surgery my gf was too weak, she's recovering pretty fast though

It's surpising the joy this little thing can bring into someone's life =)


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Donations for Christmas!
  Fayth, Nov 17 2010

Well hello there folks! I'm making this blog post so just like last year I will be taking donations to go and shop for a bunch of christmas gifts for children who wouldn't be getting anything otherwise. I will be putting myself probably around 1000$ for that and I'll be taking any donations from $0.01 to $1 000 000.00 (if you're willing to put more I might think about it!).

You can see the post from last year showing what I did there ->

There's also something new this year that I'm going to do, my father and I and probably 3 other poker players willing to accompany me from quebec will go to a place where homeless people shelter and basically try to fix their life. We should go there during lunch time or dinner time I'm not sure yet and we will serve the meals, this place also only runs from people donating so I was hoping to donate 500$ myself and 500$ from various other donators for a total of 1000$. Also for the gifts for children I will be putting 1000$ myself and everything exceeding the first 500$ donated will go for the gifts as well.

I will try to take pictures for the 2 events (shopping should be done during first week of december and the serving meals to homeless people will be during 2nd week)

So yeah that's my plan for this year, if you're willing to donate you can send the money to
ilir3 on Pokerstars
OMGDTDROP on Fulltiltpoker

Be generous!


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  Fayth, Nov 09 2010

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Bink! :D

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  Fayth, Nov 07 2010

That easily was the sickest rail ever, man I never cheered that much and was SOOOO nervous every hands Duhamel jeopardized his stacks, for the record I believe him and Cheong were the 2 best players at the table, and john totally owned Cheong in the last hour, which was absolutely beautiful to watch!

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I've lost the flip
  Fayth, Sep 22 2010

It's a little girl!

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  Fayth, Jul 25 2010

Some people seem to have really overreacted by bashing loco over what he wrote, I asked him to make that blogpost so it might maybe serve as a wake up call to newblish and at the same time done in a funny manner...

It's pretty obvious he has never ran really bad, just your standard losing sessions and it was getting very very irritating to see him talk about how he was the unluckiest player in the world and bla bla bla

so yeah there wasn't really any genuine hate on our part toward him, just annoyance and we thought the "I'm calling 100% of his 3bets now" followed by "doing nothing wrong" was pretty fuckin hilarious and worth a post lol

I might come off as a douche but some people really need a serious reality check as to what winrate you can really substain, when you're winning at 9ptbb/100 over 200k hands you're not running extremely bad, you're running just fine, just deal with the swings along the way... you need to not give a shit over wins/losses as long as you're REALLY doing nothing wrong.

anyway just felt Loco didn't deserve all that bashing as I'm quite responsible for this

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  Fayth, Jul 17 2010

Well I'm out for 67 000$

but I had the awesome idea of swapping 5% with my friend Jonathan Duhamel, he's currently 1st in chips with 15 players left 8)

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