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  Target-x17, Apr 10 2013

second someday ill win a big one. Obv I ran amazing to get second in a wsop size field but there was some james bond type coolers goin down.
that one was just like lol insane but I kept it together and rebuilt got 3 handed 11vs4vs3 mil and hu with close to even stacks.

Hu lasted only a few hands hit a gutter straight with 69 on 985 turn 7 ran into 106 sick life. Nice way to lose 200 buyins.

best score ever two worst beats ever and probably my best suckout somewhere in there too =] +32k on the year

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You know February
  Target-x17, Feb 28 2013

Terrible volumn but I Have my reasons. Good run tho way above pace for a 100k year

working next two weeks maybe unfortunately to keep my part time job at the post office because well poker can head south and its not that far below my hourly canadian goverment jobs pay damn well.

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Turbo Brag
  Target-x17, Feb 18 2013

years mtt turbo stats and graph

E>=90 01/01/2013-02/18/2013 3,763 $5.29 $10.29 65.7% $19,889 81 $61,231

with that out of the way I been pretty fucked up and barely grinding. About a week ago after feeling pretty good all of a sudden I just lost all control of my senses and felt dizzy really hard to describe. Ive had similiar things happen which im pretty sure its vertigo my ears are pretty fucked. I thought I was dieing or something and couldnt even control my arms at the worst of it. Im pretty sure I had what id describe as a panic attack because of it (also a symtom of vertigo) and it was fucking scary these went on for the next 3 days and I felt completely retarded, and fears of having brain damage etc sent me into those 1hour+ panic attacks although I controled them better with positive thoughts after the first terrible one.

Between them I had like extreme dizzeness + out of tune senses for three days but its progresively got better the first 24 hours were scary enough and I kept expecting to wake up better but it never really happened although in the third night it got alot better.

Well Im obviously gonna see a doctor but im just glad the worse seems to be over.

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Are we stupid
  Target-x17, Feb 05 2013

I feel like im getting more dumb, I feel like everyones getting more dumb, I dont have anything to compare it to as I have no lived a long time but I feel like somethings goin on, drugs , bad air , bad unnatural food , to much looking at screens thats my pick. Thoughts?

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January + epic grind
  Target-x17, Jan 31 2013

Played like 500 games today with a decent abi in 22 hours or so for almost no reason was easier then I thought made like 1k with 200$ in rakeback.

Almost broke my tourney drought at one point I was 1.2 mil vs 150k vs 150k in an 8$ 500 cap but my hands didnt hold up and I ended up getting second for 550$

Nice to have my student crushing and all my stakes winning. Heres a nice graph

Not too impressive untill you realize its with a 4$ average buy in -.- also 40th in big 8

My month 180 graph

Lost some at tcoop on other mtt's but sold action + made that back easy and then some with stakes + 1k+ rakeback

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80 stars for paypal?
  Target-x17, Jan 15 2013


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Good way to start the year
  Target-x17, Jan 02 2013

Sustainable in my opinion should give me a nice jump to the top of the leaderboards hope you all had a good new years

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1kish stars for paypal anyone? + days graph
  Target-x17, Dec 17 2012

Dont believe in credit cards but I need to buy a new pc and maybe some online shopping. Really having a hard time to find time to grind the last 3% for supernova goodthing I made an epic comeback today in my short session or woulda been a more grueling grind.


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  Target-x17, Dec 05 2012

Day started by losing a flip for 60% of the chips in a ftp 5.5k garantee with 2 tables left but I Didnt let that get to me Another sick day 7000 vpps to supernova gotta grind it out

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Remember November run good
  Target-x17, Nov 30 2012

My best month ever without winning a tournament. Really went hard at the start for a really degen charity even on two plus two. Team event we didnt win but I won the volumn comp something like 2000 180's in 10 days won free coaching but just donated it. Lost a bit in tourneys lately killing my luckbox unsustainable winrates but Id rather make a steady 6 grand every month in sit n gos then win the big 8 or 11$rebuy everymonth its alot more fulfilling. Really needed a solid month after playing to much shitty low win rate games last month to get me in range to get supernova this year which I can now do in about 9 sessions and have plenty of free time for the holidays. Sorry for the terrible wall of text I have a broken laptop with no enter key and malfunctioning mouse (its awsome to 30-40 table with a touchpad) I plan to build a solid pc for grinding with the help of my cousins nerdy bf this christmas. Mindset is an interesting thing I assume ive had a great one for awile but I dont feel I got there untill I was used to losing 1k a day. I used to think I would still tilt if I had a -2k day but now im not so sure. Im truly at a decision by decision basis where as I only get mad for a -ev decision over how much i lose a day. Think It might have been the mushrooms I did at the start of the month. I dont do to many drugs but Id recommend them to anyone at least once.

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