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heh poker
  jasper5408, Oct 17 2009

i'm not really sure but i think i'm about ready to quit the game. after reading a tremendous amount of blogging about bad beats and variance and downswings i found it pretty hard to believe that these things actually exist (having not experienced one myself). i figured most ppl who complain about variance tend to bring it upon themselves in the sense that they either are looking for spots to get their money in marginally (to prove that they run bad) or are just unable to take a true look at themselves and a true look at their game. anyway i myself am currently facing a down swing and am completely numb to all of it. the 2 outers, the set ups, the lost money, the tilt. all of it. i don't consider myself all that great of a player although i was beginning to believe that i had a much better grasp of the game than the rest of the regulars playing poker. but i don't really know how much i can make playing poker and i don't know if it's worth holding off life and not taking school more seriously. i mean 70K annually seemed like such a lock as it's just 200 bucks a day. that's like 2 effing buy in's at .5/1. anyway thats already enough whining/rambling. it's just too hard to sort out all my thoughts in a coherent manner. therefore here is a brief PERSONAL review of a movie that really resonated in me.

The movie follows a very standard plot line perfectly fitting within the constraints of the dramatic structure (exposition, rising action, climax,...) and therefore the entire plot was predictable. It was crass, base and unoriginal. However none of this matters as it stood alone in contrast to a steady preference towards more indie, artsy, quirkier movies. Instead the movie focuses on pure raw human emotion which spurred a massive personal recollection of memories and emotions from the past.

I found myself falling in love with Em and each character portrayal was flawless (with the exception of ryan reynolds, i think its just because i will forever associate his character from van wilder/waiting). This movie is easily my favorite movie and i never thought a movie could reach so far into my heart.

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ra/r&b torrent
  jasper5408, Oct 16 2009

does anyone know/made a good one? i just sifted through about ~100 songs and it game me a massive headache.

maybe share your best of best collection?

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nl50 ---> nl100
  jasper5408, Oct 13 2009

i always do this when i'm about to move up a limit. there seems to be massive blogging so i hope a few of you guys do get to find this post.

anyway i always ask for a few tips on game dynamics and aggression differences/nuances although it's probably easier to just sit at a nl100 or watch/observe a nl100 table. it's sorta weird because i have lots of confidence in my game but nl100 actually intimidates me. i feel like most of the ppl at this level, have all done the same things i have. so therefore i feel slightly outclassed (as they have been at this lvl longer than i have). anyway yea. i've been putting this off for a while even though i've been rolled for it. i still don't have a hud yet which i probably need asap. can anyone sell for a discount? i'm willing to buy from reputable members. also i figure i prob need a dc or cr subscription sometime even though i effing hate watching videos :/ prob better for me personally to spend 50-70 on like 2 sweat sessions from someone who plays/beats these limits regularly. anyway that's all.

so yea any tips moving up to nl 100?

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short hand review (just 2 hands)
  jasper5408, Oct 13 2009

had a pretty good session today. lots of player dependent reads. playing fewer tables and keeping an eyeout for the fish was pretty +ev. was able to make some light call downs, felt like i was play some pokah.

anyway just checkin some lines

hand1 + Show Spoiler +

standard fuuuuuuuuuu spot. i'm wondering if anyone ever talks themselves into a call here. it would be kinda sick if a retarded set played it this way with a cheap stab on river. about 3:1. that implies i only need to be good here 25% of the time righT?

hand 2 + Show Spoiler +

heh....i dunno why i didn't bet the turn...(i sorta remember thinking i didn't want to get check raised and blown off here)...but TT JJ would just check river right?

anyway pretty worthless blog post i guess so here are some boobies.

+ Show Spoiler +

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i lose...
  jasper5408, Oct 10 2009

every time i play with socks.

i was up 4 buy in, and then went down 10 buy ins. i was reviewing hands but all that was for not...cause my socks were on my feet.

playing with socks on is so god damn uncomfortable is subconscious tilt.

anyway, i dunno if anyone watches the Ironman competitions, but i find them somewhat fun and interesting. Why are germans and aussies so effing good at that shiT? gogo america~

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pc + mac and massive hand reivew~
  jasper5408, Oct 09 2009

was wondering what problems/solutions you have encountered owning a pc desktop and a mac laptop?

i imagine the biggest pain the ass would involve sharing a single external hdd with both os's.

hand 1 + Show Spoiler +

he's been raising my bb, and i've been making tons of monies off of him, so i don't really like re-raising him unless i have garbage. particularly since he likes to raise with suited Ax and such. i almost never check behind flop in this situation considering i c-bet the majority of the time. i do this maybe 1/10's if that. it's ok to call here on riveR? especially if you've been winning tons of money? he can just jam his shitty A and hope to steal or split pot?

hand 2 + Show Spoiler +

i think i can fold out most hands here, and i'm somewhat credibly repping TT or JJ esp since it's multi pot. i also like that i have the backdoor flush draw. initial raiser said he folded KK but i don't expect this to be the norm. like? dislike?

hand 3 + Show Spoiler +

really wanted to shove river. put him on a flush draw the majority of the time. i thought about repping the flush draw myself and just shoving and getting called by KQ or A5, but just thought that's such a small % of his range so just opted to flat. is river clear shovE?

hand 4 + Show Spoiler +

if i put villain on air and heart draw here the majority of the time, is it better to go ahead and c/r turn? or check/call and induce river bluff? i thought his heart draws had some pair as well or some inside straight draw so i opted to c/r here thinking i would get called a bit more than normal.

hand 5 + Show Spoiler +

minraise turn to get value from flush drawS? river bet is def to thin right?


hand 6 + Show Spoiler +

i thought this was a fantastic spot to bluff, and was shocked that villain called

hand 7 + Show Spoiler +

any thoughts on this hand? just lead turn? villain snapped turn, so i *sigh checked river after thinking about shoving.

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poker skins
  jasper5408, Oct 08 2009

where to find skins like these

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old laptop
  jasper5408, Oct 07 2009

what to do?

it's not bad, i just don't have a use for it. 4 year old 2ghz cpu, 2gb ram, 160 gb hd.

i want to:
1) trade if for chipotle
2) trade it for $$
3) give it to a decent charity

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this might make my year....
  jasper5408, Oct 07 2009

well at least next year

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cute story...
  jasper5408, Oct 05 2009

and cute pic

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