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My Lock Poker, Your Paypal
  Carthac, Jun 18 2012

Forgot about this money I had on Lock, and the withdrawal minimum is huge unless you wanna take a 10% hit through Western Union. I would rather not deal with that company and instead ask if someone here would be willing to help me out. I'll throw in 10 dollars for your trouble.

I'm reputable around here. If you need someone to vouch for me, let me know. If you are interested, post here or send me a PM. Thanks!

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Funfree WSOP fantasy pool contest
  Carthac, May 27 2012

Register on the site, go through 15 groups, select 1 of the 5 players in each, and you are finished. Fun, easy, possibility to win prizes. I think 1st place wins 1% of Negreanu's winnings at the WSOP this summer, which could be fairly big if he cashes the one drop. Gogogo

Here are my picks. I tried to prioritize more on people that play more events and skill was second.

ElkY (Bertrand Grospellier)
Dan O'Brien
Vanessa Rousso
Shaun Deeb
Thomas Marchese
John Juanda
Tobias Reinkemeier
Tom Dwan
Sam Trickett
Vivek Rajkumar
David Chiu
Viktor Blom
Shawn Buchanan
Chino (David Rheem)
Brian Ras

If you participate, gl!

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My Paypal, your Lock Poker
  Carthac, Apr 30 2012

Looking to take all my money off of Lock poker. There is of course a deposit minimum(complete bullshit), so I need to trade around 50 dollars to withdraw my own money.

Respected members only please. Not going to deal with 2 post mcgee when dealing with paypal. If you need references on my end, let me know. I have a few members that can vouch for me.

12BI under ev on this damn site over 20k hands. Keep trying, but I can't reach the withdrawal minimum. Doomswitch ftl

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Running bad at poker, but running good in life
  Carthac, Mar 18 2012

At least it is only NL10

Been playing some NL10 to get back into the swing of online poker. I am happy with my re-integration of stats back into my play, playing a lot more position based, making the correct play in marginal spots, etc. Playing well, with the exception of me tilting off 2 buyins in spots that were tough folds but where I was clearly beat. Oh well, such is poker

Anyways, onto the good stuff. First off, DIABLO 3 IS COMING OUT IN 2 MONTHS, HOOOOLY SHIT. Played the beta, but it is only one short act so there is not too much to do. Seems really awesome for the small amount I have played.

A good buddy of myn will be competing in the upcoming MLG for SC2. I don't expect him to get close to winning, but given his skill, he could make it to the group phase. Competition at MLG's are incredibly tough, and given this is his first lan, I have tried to express to him to not get his hopes up as he will most likely have incredibly strong lan jitters.


If you have not seen the show, I implore you to start immediately. It is easily the best show on TV by a large margin. I have read through 2 books and they are incredibly good.

On to some sad news, the quarterback that made me an Indianapolis Colts fan is going to be moving to a new team in a couple days. Peyton Manning leaving has been the oddest situation I have ever encountered in all of sports. The man that literally built the franchise, made me a fan of the team, brought the team a new stadium, and turned Indianapolis into a football town is leaving, yet no fans are bitter. Everyone I speak to understands the decision that was made and is thankful towards him for everything he did. I have mixed feelings; I am unsure of whether to stay a Colts fan because of the team he played for, or be a fan of the new team he goes to because I was such a huge fan of him? Probably will end up being a fan of both, but we will see

Spring break started this week, and while I would like to be out having as much fun as I can, finances are not going to permit me to do so. Having to pay 60 a week for gas just to go to school(not counting going anywhere else). Thusly, I am going to be using the time to kick up my running regimen( attempting to go from 1.5 mile a day to 2.5), catch up on out of class projects, hang out with the family, and whatever else I can find to do.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading

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My venture back into online poker
  Carthac, Feb 27 2012

Hello everybody. Since Black Friday hit, I stopped playing online poker all together. Switched more to live play and had success, but given the size of my BR, I could not grind like I did micros. Games are incredibly soft, but you still need a proper sized BR to handle variance, and I am a huge BR nit so I like more buy-ins than the standard. With the recent litigation in America not going through, and the rumor being there will not be anything done with online poker until 2013, I decided to just start from scratch back at NL10 with a moderate amount of money that I could afford losing. I just truly love the game of poker, and want to keep playing/learning as much as possible. I don't fully expect to get this money back as the U.S. market is shady at best, but I am getting my online game back together. Before Black Friday, I was learning NL50 and beginning to get the hang of everything. Oh ya, I want my money back Howard(please die)

Here is my graph of all the hands I played so far, with comments on my play during the various sessions.

I hope to continue on, perhaps building a roll to tackle NL50 again. However, I am also weary of having that much money on a site that is not guaranteed to give me the money back. One poker roll has been enough for me to lose, especially when it made up a significant amount of money to me. I figured this time around I would only keep around 20 BI for the stake in case the money in seized for whatever reason. NL10 and NL25 should not be a problem for me once I finish making the fine adjustments to my game again.

Thanks for reading Oh, and please die Howard

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Is this rake even beatable?
  Carthac, Feb 27 2012

Been playing some micros lately on Lock Poker. Would like to build a roll back from scratch again, but after looking at the amount of rake I pay, I am unsure if it is even possible. Would love some input

Recent example hand: Won 20.50, raked 1.02. I'm currently playing NL10 btw

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How to obtain rakeback from Hero Poker
  Carthac, Feb 16 2012

Did a google search, did not come up with much of anything as far as rakeback deals. Nothing here on LP. Figured maybe some of you guys could help me out.

What is the best way to go about getting rakeback on Hero Poker?

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Pretty fun online poker game :)
  Carthac, Feb 10 2012

50 hands(sadly the same hands every time) but I enjoyed it. Try it out!

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Happy new year! Live 1-2 hand (LOLRITE?)
  Carthac, Jan 01 2012

Happy new year everybody. I'm not really a big drinker, so for my celebration last night, I decided to play some live 1-2. Did well, but got caught up on a hand and I was hoping you guys could help me out

Villain: 22-25yo Asian kid, somewhat knowledgeable of poker, has shown to randomly spaz in pots before and stack off somewhat light.

I have a stack of about 430 at the time. Villain in question has me covered with around 500. I am dealt KdKh UTG, raise to 7BB(people were calling off big bets preflop) 1 caller in the cutoff, and villain calls in the SB.

Flop comes 10c - 3d - Jc

Asian kid checks, I bet about 25 and both players call

Turn comes 5s

Asian kid checks, I bet 50, one fold and after a little thinking, Asian kid calls

River comes Ah

After tanking for a little bit, the villain in question leads out for $150.

In this spot, what would you guys have done? Of course there is a ton of missed draws, and I have two king blockers to KQ, but in my eyes my hand essentially turned into a bluff catcher with that bet. He has shown bluffs before, but they were not frequent. Villain was definitely able to make this play, but I kept thinking with the ace that hit, he possibly could of had A high flush draw and doesnt understand his bet when he made it. I was thinking it is a good call online, but live there are so many wacky hands people can come up with that it might not be a +ev call.

What do you guys think?

Once again happy new year everybody!

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Steal city u idiot
  Carthac, Dec 30 2011

Always ruining everything, this is why we can't have nice things

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