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LP member Sunbhie in TI5 qualifiers tonight!
  Carthac, May 28 2015

For those of you into Dota 2, liquidpoker member Sunbhie will be participating over the next couple days for a spot at The International 5. His team, MVP Hot 6ix, has a decent chance at walking away with a spot in the tournament, but the competition is tough. If you would like to check it out, his first game is tonight and you can find it on twitch at 10:30PM PST, 1:30AM EST.

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Investment Possibility MFL10 FF Leagues
  Carthac, Apr 24 2015

Well, it certainly has been a while since I've posted here...

Hello everyone. Many of you probably don't remind as I was never a high stakes(or mid for that matter) online poker player, but I was fairly active here about 2-3 years ago. How's everyone been? Probably much better since I'm assuming almost all of us have received our FTP rolls finally.

Anyway. I have recently ventured into the world of forming a niche in the fantasy football and real life NFL football community. After just playing and performing well in several different fantasy avenues for some time(long term season-long profitable, slightly above break even in DFS last year due to early strategy inefficiencies), I decided to take a real shot at getting involved in the professional side of football. I have recently begun writing for a site named Rotoviz( if you would like to check out any of my articles) and have enrolled in an NFL scouting academy that will take place this summer.

The reason I am here today is about a site called myfantasyleague( This is a special kind of site as it mostly deals in a format called a "best ball" league. In this format, there is no mid-season management. You draft 20 players, and the scoring is determined by whoever scored best at the position in a week(ex. If you have 3 QBs, it counts the best score of the 3). There are currently two buy-in types: $10 and $25. The $10 is the most popular option at the moment, with a 10x return on 1st place and a buy-in return for 2nd. There are 12 participants per league, meaning to break even you have to win 1/10(I'm a math wiz right?).

The reason I am here today is to garner interest towards attempting to turn a decent profit from competing in these leagues. I think the real opportunity to turn a profit from these leagues comes up after the NFL draft. For those of you unfamiliar, this is the event where college football players are chosen and placed on NFL teams before OTAs and training camp begins. There is always value to be had at this time because the fantasy football crowd begins to come back after the past 3 months of little significant news in the league. They tend to jump right into these leagues and treat them much as a mock draft for their upcoming season long leagues. I feel I have a significant advantage currently in these leagues(even when compared to that of my FF writing peers) as many understand football, but lack basic understanding of game mechanics, the difference between these leagues and their season-long counterparts, and understanding of the current coaching/personnel situations in the NFL(ex. Dallas RB is going to be highly valuable no matter who it is).

At this moment, I have finished drafting 18 leagues of my own, which you can check out here( If you would like to see the current equity of my selections, go here( and type in the name @HeithK. If any of you are interested in such a venture(which I understand may go unnoticed as many of you are unfamiliar with me), feel free to comment here or contact me on twitter @HeithK. Thanks guys!

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Business Bad?
  Carthac, Jul 19 2012

Fuck you pay me

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