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HM and SvS
  Almebeast, Sep 17 2011

Been running horrible on prima lately, time to try svenska spel. Im having trouble getting HM to work though. I've added the Svenska spel folder to the auto import folders in HM, but HM still doesnt find anything to import. Could the "ö" in my screen name possibly be a problem? Would be really nice if a fellow swede (or anyone else who knows this stuff) could help me out here.

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RB pro
  Almebeast, Jul 29 2011

I wanna go back to god mode please :/

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Programming assignment - sudoku solver
  Almebeast, Mar 04 2011

There seems to be quite a few programmers around here, so I am writing this blog to get a few tips and comments on the ideas I have concerning this assignment. I am supposed to create a sudoku solver. If you dont know what sudoku puzzles are just google it. The only constraints are that I have to program in C and use a parallel algorithm with pthreads. I'll be happy if I can create something that works, but I obviously want to make the solver as fast and efficient as possible. I think this is an interesting enough assignment. I don't know if this is seems ridiculously easy to an experienced programmer but I've only been programming in C for about a month so it seems like a nice challenge for me.

So the first idea that comes to mind is some kind of brute force algorithm where you start by trying to put a 1 in the first empty cell. If 1 cant be in that cell because there already is a 1 in the same row/column/subsquare you try 2 and so on until you find the lowest number that fits in that cell. You then move to the next cell and repeat the procedure. Whenever you encounter a cell where no number fits (this means some of the numbers you already put in are wrong) you backtrack and try to put a larger number in the previous cell.

To parallelize this algorithm I am thinking I could start a new thread whenever I put a number in a cell, for example if 1,3,5,8 all fit in the first cell I would create 4 new threads, one for each possible number. If I could do that for every cell then I would never have to backtrack since every possibility is being taken care of. But this will probably create a very large number of threads.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of threads you can create?

Even if you can create a lot of threads this might not be an efficient approach since every thread will have to keep its own copy of the board since every thread tries different numbers. If the number of threads escalates then so does the memory usage

Im considering initially sorting the cells after how many "clues" there are for each cell, i.e how many given numbers there are in the same row/column/subsquare. Instead of attacking the cells from top left to bottom right you could then attack them in order of clues, starting with the one with the most clues. That way you wont have to create as many threads, since a lot of numbers aren't possible for the first cells.

So as you probably noticed I am in a very early stage of this project. I have until March 28. Please post comments/tips/questions. In the unlikely event that people seem interested in this project I will post updates as I move along.

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What you get for bragging
  Almebeast, Jan 11 2011

Compare this to my last blog. Looking back i find it extra amusing(?) that I actually wrote "Lets hope I'm not jinxing it by showing graph."

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  Almebeast, Jan 09 2011

Some might consider what a follows a brag post. After struggling a bit at first Im starting to get comfortable at NL50. This is from after the fall semester ended. Lets hope I'm not jinxing it by showing graph.

Ran really good today obviously.

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Anonymous tables on Prima
  Almebeast, Nov 25 2010

Played my first session in november today and noticed that they had added this annoying invention. All villains are just named player 1-5 and their avatars dont show. HUDs and notes become useless since stats for player 1 are gathered from all player 1s at all tables. Notes on player 1 appear on all player 1s. You cant even keep handwritten notes beside your comp since there is no way of recognizing a player after that session.

Has anyone played these things? My first impression was that the anonymous games seemed to be drawing all the fish (low stakes NLHE). They do however take away the edge of using stats,taking notes, table selecting etc. Even so I think they're probably more profitable for me than the regular games used to be. However, they're incredibly boring imo since they kill the history/table image aspect of the game.

Also, the regular games are now fewer and tougher since only the regs who use huds and/or take notes have any real incentive to play in them. So that's not really an option anymore.

I guess Ill be playing this crappy version of poker for a while and see how it works out.

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