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PartyPoker offer

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This is the best offer for recreational players and high-raking regular players on the market for PartyPoker as well! Read below on all we have to offer.

To see the private offer for regular players see the end of this page.

About PartyPoker and recent changes
PartyPoker is one of the biggest poker rooms available at the moment, with the best software to offer after poker rooms owned by Amaya Gaming. PartyPoker is also one of the poker rooms that is actively increasing their promotions rather then decreasing them.

Overall it's not a secret that PartyPoker made some changes aimed at helping recreational players around mid-October 2015:
- they decided to make it impossible to hunt for weaker players, as player screen names are not available until a player sits down at the table
- the tables are pooled, as players have to join a general waiting list for the stakes/format, rather than specific tables
Those two changes were criticised at first, but were welcomed with open arms after it turned out they made the games way softer to the point that $5/$10 Omaha games are running regularly for the first time from 3 years.

Our PartyPoker special offer
- $22 free in tournament tickets upon first deposit of minimum 10$ (4*5,5$ ticket)

- Reload bonus
We offer reload bonus up to $500 for returning players (which gives extra 25% return) if anyone decides to come back and play. If you already have an account at PartyPoker, send us an e-mail or use contact form at top-right of the site.

- FREE PlayStaytion 4
You can get a completely free PlayStation 4* just for playing on PartyPoker - if you earn 10,000 points ($5,000 rake) in 6 months just contact us and we will send a new console right to you (or cash equivalent to your account)!
*availability varies per country, in any case we can send a cash equivalent.

- Rake Races
We offer rake races and other promotions every 2-3 months, yielding another ~10% return in for the player. A lot of those promotions are affiliate-exclusive.

- Referring other players
You can refer a player, and for every player that comes from you and rakes at least $500, you will get $50.

- Special program for regular players that rake over $300+ monthly and the best offer for high raking players ($1,000+/month).
The deal we have is, at the moment, the best deal available to regular players on the entire market looking at % of rake return. Send me a private massage by using this link to and I will write back to you with more details!

Sounds good? Sure it does, since that offer is better then highest VIP status offers at the biggest poker room in the market, PokerStars, while there is much less required from you!
Download PartyPoker software right now and make sure to use the bonus code TLPOKER when registering!

If you already have an account at PartyPoker, send us an e-mail or use contact form at top-right of the site and we will help you to set-up a new account (as long as old one isn't used).

To create an account and use the offer presented above, download the PartyPoker software through this link and while creating the account make sure to use the bonus code TLPOKER!

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