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Paradigms - Page 2

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Avius   Iraq. Apr 07 2008 15:54. Posts 219

awesome article, very nice read

aka. Samael 

SemPeR   Canada. Apr 07 2008 16:07. Posts 2288

thanks. definitely front page material.

Syntax   United States. Apr 07 2008 16:57. Posts 4411

i dont even know how to say that damn word.

great read, nice work

wut wut wutLast edit: 07/04/2008 17:08

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Apr 07 2008 17:17. Posts 4953

Very true, nice article

Fayth    Canada. Apr 07 2008 23:21. Posts 10085

good stuff

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 

whamm!   Albania. Apr 08 2008 02:29. Posts 11625

shit. now i'm back to folding kk pf

jase   Australia. Apr 08 2008 08:37. Posts 1604

Read Thomas Kuhns writing on paradigm shifts, its ridiculous how much poker resembles his examples

Minion   Brasil. Apr 08 2008 11:22. Posts 2112

nice one tomson

lostaccount   Canada. Apr 08 2008 11:23. Posts 2783

one of the bet article ive ever read, tomson you are one smart fella.

best statement ever, why can one make a big call and not a big fold?
"Players who subscribe to the paradigm often follow it blindly. This can be easily proved if you look at a topic on a poker forum where the question is about a big laydown"

Critterer   United Kingdom. Apr 08 2008 11:27. Posts 5337


LudaHid: dam.ned dam.ned dam.ned. LudaHid: dam.ned northwooden as..hole 

ManaBlue   Canada. Apr 08 2008 22:24. Posts 36

Very well written.

Thank you poker, I will never be good at SC now. 

Stygg   Sweden. Apr 09 2008 03:34. Posts 2347

tomson is the chosen one

Stygg   Sweden. Apr 09 2008 03:35. Posts 2347

you need to post more tomson, i always find myself in agreement to almost everything you write. much love

Zhan   Czech Republic. Apr 09 2008 08:21. Posts 152

Nice read, great work

Do not mess with the best. O 

DspMstr   Belgium. Apr 09 2008 11:57. Posts 12

great article!

casinocasino   Canada. Apr 09 2008 15:01. Posts 3334

wow nice tomson i love you

PoorUser    United States. Apr 09 2008 20:19. Posts 7397

cool stuff i liked it!

Moneys gotta go in here 

sousben   United Kingdom. Apr 15 2008 06:59. Posts 2

Great stuff for sure here...
I am disappointed though, that within 2 pages of replies, there is no real comment, only cheers...I'll try to make my own then.

You have pointed out what is probably the most interesting evolution that this game have ever seen:
poker was only played live, until the online revolution that happened less-than-a-decade ago.

Today, the first generation of "natural born online poker players" - players who basically have just learned/played this game online - is emerging, and getting more mature.
It is interesting to see that even though the rules are the same, the game is different.

Why? because of information. The lack of information online compared to live is progressively being replaced by flawless mathematically driven strategy: EV max.

But think about it, in the majority of live games, there is no such thing than EV.
Mathemathically speaking, EV is what you should expect to earn/loose in the long run, ie. if that exact situation came to happen a number of times that would get variance insignificant. (thousands at least)

Say, you are playing a Final table in a big buy-in/big field live tournament. You get into a mind twisting situation, and struggle to get a decision out of it. Should you think about EV????
Not in my opinion.
If you are an amazing player doing really well, almost as good as the poker superstars you worship everyday, you will still probably face this situation less than 10 times in your life.
If you consider the history against that single oppenent, your knowledge of his game, your perception of his state of mind, then this is a unique situation, as much is any real life situation.

Conversely, online poker is a video game. A lot Different than any video game in many points, but similar (thus different to live poker) in some.
Think about how many hands a day a massive multitabler can play, compared to how many you could play in a live game.

The point of my reply is that the boom of online playing have brought so much liquidity to poker, that the volume of hands one can play can get him close to unsignificant variance, over, say a year, while live play is still a lot more subject to variance.

Two different games, two different optimal strategies.

It is interesting though, to see online players perform so well in live tournaments.
Flawless preflop strategy seems to be taking the lead over long time gamblers' astute post-flop plays.
Interesting to see how online playing is bringing mathematics as a hotter topic than psychology in poker.

Think about it, "coy-boy" would probably be the best adjective to define long time professionals, when nerd/geek seems to be what defines the most profitable online players.


dj_syphon_p   United Kingdom. May 18 2009 09:15. Posts 8

im the numba 1poker player ur all a bunch ov fags

r3v   Brasil. May 19 2009 15:14. Posts 40

I started out playing from the gut, then I became a technician, now I regret having done that and lost much of my previous creativity... but in the meantime made loads of cash multitabling

dunno if it was worth it



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