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Interview with Nazgul - Page 2

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lvloRe   Netherlands. May 15 2006 01:42. Posts 764

To start with its a great interview..
I think its great how you kind of try to combine your education with poker and other things
And i always liked our home games but we all knew it wasn't the fun of the game for you.. but the bowling was very cool and kinda hard because we were all sort of good at it.. You beating my record on the final ball..
I think its cool how you try to help others but at the end you help yourself because you feel great about it..
You will grow up to be a wise man with or without drivers license..
I hope you keep enjoy playing poker because i think thats more important then being succesfull

RaiNKhAN    United States. May 15 2006 02:45. Posts 4080

--- Nuked ---

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lvloRe   Netherlands. May 15 2006 03:03. Posts 764

  On May 15 2006 01:45 RaiNKhAN wrote:
who's the guy in the left of the pic?

"Here is a picture of Nazgul(right) playing with Elky(left)"

Muhweli   Finland. May 15 2006 03:04. Posts 10663

  On May 14 2006 19:07 Vic3Roy wrote:
I liked it, found many similaries to myself in his play also ( gotta be happy about that)

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Craigerson   United States. May 15 2006 03:11. Posts 1281


looks like i should be a little more careful with my br -_-

n0rthf4ce    United States. May 15 2006 06:13. Posts 8119

vn interview but I think Naz is forgetting this beastly call 

aseq   Netherlands. May 15 2006 07:18. Posts 894

Whow, that last hand looks like a hand that'd i'd play when i was really fed up with someone's agressive style, but not for so much money!

Great interview btw, naz still is the coolest guy around here (lick lick). I hope he'll be around for much longer

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 15 2006 14:54. Posts 9133

yo nazgul thank you for making it is great to have a home liek this.

DooMeR   United States. May 15 2006 14:56. Posts 8476

nazgul i want to have your babies.

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Suicide   United States. May 15 2006 15:59. Posts 482

  On May 15 2006 13:56 DooMeR wrote:
nazgul i want to have your babies.

I called Dibs. Jerk.

I really liked how he seems to be the only good player who doesn't see poker as a lifestyle and isn't trying to turn his life into that of a gambler.

btw, I thought nazgul was doing well as of late, he doesn't even have enough money to buy chips and uses matches? Jeez =]

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Muck21   Russian Federation. May 15 2006 17:46. Posts 540


Muck it, bitch 

IofDBholder   Netherlands. May 16 2006 15:30. Posts 32

  On May 15 2006 00:42 lvloRe wrote:
You will grow up to be a wise man with or without drivers license..

Great inside joke lol

Donald   United States. May 18 2006 05:18. Posts 1289

My GOD great interview, props to DarkXpert. You really should go for a carreer as a journalist instead of a poker player.

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