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Interview with Nazgul - Page 2

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RaiNKhAN    United States. May 15 2006 02:45. Posts 4080

--- Nuked ---

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lvloRe   Netherlands. May 15 2006 03:03. Posts 764

  On May 15 2006 01:45 RaiNKhAN wrote:
who's the guy in the left of the pic?

"Here is a picture of Nazgul(right) playing with Elky(left)"

Muhweli   Finland. May 15 2006 03:04. Posts 10663

  On May 14 2006 19:07 Vic3Roy wrote:
I liked it, found many similaries to myself in his play also ( gotta be happy about that)

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Craigerson   United States. May 15 2006 03:11. Posts 1281


looks like i should be a little more careful with my br -_-

n0rthf4ce    United States. May 15 2006 06:13. Posts 8119

vn interview but I think Naz is forgetting this beastly call 

aseq   Netherlands. May 15 2006 07:18. Posts 894

Whow, that last hand looks like a hand that'd i'd play when i was really fed up with someone's agressive style, but not for so much money!

Great interview btw, naz still is the coolest guy around here (lick lick). I hope he'll be around for much longer

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 15 2006 14:54. Posts 9133

yo nazgul thank you for making it is great to have a home liek this.

DooMeR   United States. May 15 2006 14:56. Posts 8480

nazgul i want to have your babies.

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Suicide   United States. May 15 2006 15:59. Posts 482

  On May 15 2006 13:56 DooMeR wrote:
nazgul i want to have your babies.

I called Dibs. Jerk.

I really liked how he seems to be the only good player who doesn't see poker as a lifestyle and isn't trying to turn his life into that of a gambler.

btw, I thought nazgul was doing well as of late, he doesn't even have enough money to buy chips and uses matches? Jeez =]

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Muck21   Russian Federation. May 15 2006 17:46. Posts 540


Muck it, bitch 

IofDBholder   Netherlands. May 16 2006 15:30. Posts 32

  On May 15 2006 00:42 lvloRe wrote:
You will grow up to be a wise man with or without drivers license..

Great inside joke lol

Donald   United States. May 18 2006 05:18. Posts 1289

My GOD great interview, props to DarkXpert. You really should go for a carreer as a journalist instead of a poker player.

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