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Titan Poker - How to start

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Meat   . Apr 26 2007 02:46. Posts 3385

This article was written for people who would like to make a lot of money playing poker, and also for those who would simply like to be able to cash out their bonus as soon as possible. Please read this article very thoroughly and stick to the pointers presented in it. If you don't do so, it is almost sure that you will lose your poker money very quickly. Just trust us here and follow our hints - you will not regret this.

So you've received your 50$ on Titan Poker. Your next step will be logging into your Titan account, by entering your username and password and clicking "Login":

You now have full access to almost all features offered by Titan Poker. Your next step will be choosing the limits you are going to be playing. From the long list visible to the left of the lobby, choose Cash Tables and then No-Limit Hold'em, as seen in the picture below:

No-Limit Texas Hold'em cash games are the most common form of poker played on the internet, ergo the choice. If you are a beginner and only have the 50$ we sent you at your disposal, we strongly recommend that you start out at the lowest available stakes, which are 0,01/0,02$ and 0,02/0,04$ No-Limit Hold'em. You can access them by choosing < $0.10 NL as seen below:

Choosing limits as low as these is dictated by some of the most fundamental rules of playing online poker. We realize that it might be tempting to play at higher limits, especially if you win (and sometimes when you lose) a couple of large pots in your first few hands. You should, however, do whatever you can to avoid this. Most beginner poker players lose almost all their deposited money within the first few hours of play because they fail to stick to the golden rule: always play at limits that your bankroll (the amount of money you have deposited on a pokerroom) allows you to play. You should assume that you require no less than 25x maximum buyins for any given stakes that you want to play at. Of course, after you've played a bit (a couple days or so) and built up your bankroll to around 200-250$ or more, you can move up the stakes. Just be careful not to do this too early in the game or you will regret it, trust me on this For more information about proper bankroll management click here.

Now that you have chosen the correct limits to play at, a list of all tables available for those stakes will appear to the right. Above this list you will see a a few tabs. We are interested in two of them:

- "Blinds". You are only interested in tables that have Blinds of $0,01/$0,02 or $0,02/$0,04, NOTHING higher!

- "Plrs". This colum might say something like 7/10, 7 being the number of players currently sitting at the table, and 10 being the maximum number of players that the table can accomodate (so there are 3 empty slots left). In the picture below we marked both those tabs to give you a clear picture of where to look for them:

Try to sit at tables that have the biggest number of players. Why would you do this? It's because the more players there are at the tables you play, the more money you can make. Try your best to play at tables where you have at least 5 other opponents with you. Once you choose the table you want to sit down at, click it twice (with your LEFT mouse button ) and in a second the table will open and u can take any open seat. If there are no empty seats there at the moment (like when the "Plrs" value for that table is 10/10 for example) click Join Waiting List in the lower right corner of the lobby, and as soon as someone leaves the table, his seat will be reserved for you. You can of course join the waiting lists for more than one table at a time, to increase your chances of finding a free seat quickly. Also, we recommend that beginners don't play more than 3-4 tables at any given time, although this is up to you Try yourself at one table first, then gradually add more. Most people are able to start playing at 2 tables at least within the first couple hours of play.

How should you play to win the most money?

It's pretty basic: just wait for good hole cards (aces, kings, queens, jacks, Ace+king, Ace+queen etc.) and play those hands. A mistake many beginners make is playing too many hands. Try to avoid this and stick to the premium hands only. Also, don't really try to bluff too much since it's not going to work mostly - most people don't understand that you might be bluffing and they call you anyway.

That's it! Before concluding, I wish to remind you of what I said before: under no circumstances should you try to move up the stakes without having enough money for it! We strongly suggest that you attempt to play at least 20-30 hours on the 0,01/0,02$ and 0,02/0,04$ No-Limit cash tables, reading some poker articles in the meanwhile and acquiring enough poker knowledge. Try to hold off your desires to play for the big bucks at the beginning, and this will pay off greatly for you in the very near future

Good luck at the tables, and stay sharp!

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