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Poker Hand Ranking

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Raidern   Brasil. Mar 19 2009 15:58. Posts 4243

<div style="text-align: left;"><span style="font-size: 12pt;">Poker Hand Ranking</span><br/></div>

<font size="2">This page shows the poker hand ranking, from strongest to weakest.</font>

Royal Flush - Five consecutive cards of the same suit, from Ten to Ace.
<img src="/images/cards/Kh"/><img src="/images/cards/Ah"/><img src="/images/cards/Th"/><img src="/images/cards/Jh"/><img src="/images/cards/Qh"/>

Straight Flush - Any consecutive cards of the same suit, except for from Ten to Ace.
<img src="/images/cards/2s"/><img src="/images/cards/3s"/><img src="/images/cards/4s"/><img src="/images/cards/5s"/><img src="/images/cards/6s"/>

Four-of-a-Kind (Quads) - Four cards of the same rank.
<img src="/images/cards/5s"/><img src="/images/cards/5d"/><img src="/images/cards/8s"/><img src="/images/cards/5h"/><img src="/images/cards/5c"/>

Full House - Three cards of the same kind + a pair. The example below is named Jacks full of Sevens. If it was 777JJ instead, it would be called Sevens full of Jacks.
<img src="/images/cards/7s"/><img src="/images/cards/7d"/><img src="/images/cards/Jh"/><img src="/images/cards/Jd"/><img src="/images/cards/Jc"/>

Flush - Any non-consecutive five cards of the same suit.
<img src="/images/cards/2s"/><img src="/images/cards/6s"/><img src="/images/cards/Qs"/><img src="/images/cards/Ts"/><img src="/images/cards/8s"/>

<A href=""><img align=left src= style="margin-right:20px" ></A>
Straight - Five consecutive cards of any suit.
<img src="/images/cards/Ah"/><img src="/images/cards/2c"/><img src="/images/cards/3d"/><img src="/images/cards/4h"/><img src="/images/cards/5c"/><br/><br/><img src="/images/cards/Th"/><img src="/images/cards/Jh"/><img src="/images/cards/Qs"/><img src="/images/cards/Kc"/><img src="/images/cards/Ah"/>

Three-of-a-Kind (Trips or Set) - Three cards of the same rank. It will be named either Trips or Set depending if you used one or both of your hole cards.
<img src="/images/cards/3d"/><img src="/images/cards/3c"/><img src="/images/cards/3s"/><img src="/images/cards/Td"/><img src="/images/cards/Qs"/>

Two Pairs - Any two cards of the same rank together with another two cards of the same rank.
<img src="/images/cards/Ts"/><img src="/images/cards/Td"/><img src="/images/cards/Jh"/><img src="/images/cards/Jd"/><img src="/images/cards/5c"/>

Pair - Any two cards of the same rank.
<img src="/images/cards/Ac"/><img src="/images/cards/As"/><img src="/images/cards/5h"/><img src="/images/cards/2s"/><img src="/images/cards/9s"/>

High card - None of the above mentioned hands. It happens when you miss the board.
<img src="/images/cards/3s"/><img src="/images/cards/5h"/><img src="/images/cards/6h"/><img src="/images/cards/Tc"/><img src="/images/cards/Qc"/>

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