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a7 vs shortstack squeeze deep live

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SIG1   United States. Jun 23 2011 13:23. Posts 649

this was a 200$ tourney at the borgata and I'm itm. I just raised the hand before this and took down the blinds. I'm in the hj, blinds are 10k/20k/3k and I make it 50. super huge stack in the sb calls and bb shoves for 140 more. He had 600k+ a couple hands ago but lost a huge pot to the super huge stack. ez shove?

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Jun 23 2011 15:25. Posts 2694

how deep are you?

lol POKER 

SIG1   United States. Jun 23 2011 16:52. Posts 649

about 30 ppl left. 70itm 1k entrants

SIG1   United States. Jun 23 2011 16:53. Posts 649

i mean 700 ppl 1k buyins since it was a rebuy

Liquid`Drone   Norway. Jun 23 2011 17:49. Posts 2694

that is not what I mean. how big is your stack?

lol POKER 

SIG1   United States. Jun 23 2011 18:28. Posts 649

oh thought i mentioned. 400k

chris   United States. Jun 23 2011 22:25. Posts 5498

i've seen this situation a quite a few times and the results have never been pretty when i get it in (or the person i see do it gets it in)

with those blinds and antes, there is approximately 60k in the pot, plus your 50k and the sb flat of 50k, and then the bb shoves for 140 (raise of 90k), creating a pot of about 300k. you have about 350k behind, if im reading this right. shoving that, the 'super deep' sb only has to call another 350k to play for a pot of about 900k, so i doubt he's going to fold.

he was strong enough to flat from the sb to play oop when you'd likely have to play for stacks on the flop, so he isn't likely to be scared here if you shove

the bb shove is almost irrelevant because of its size relative to blinds and antes, as well as the pot. he has an M of just over 2, so he's desperate for chips, tilt or not. the super deep sb has little incentive to 'gamble' with marginal or weak hands here (meaning he likely called you with a solid hand)

i'd fold. also, for what it's worth, with 400k and ~ 60k in pot pre, your M is about 6.5 and you could consider open shoving in that spot if the table has been tight enough or you could just fold

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