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PokeStar   Germany. May 25 2012 08:20. Posts 16

Ok so i played alot these past few days. I would like to try a real money game. Of course only with a few dollar/cent.

My problem is: i live in germany. i dont think it is legal to play for money that correct? i dont want to get in trouble and thats what i found out lately.

MiPwnYa    Brasil. May 26 2012 15:42. Posts 5227

playing online is perfectly legal in Germany as far as I know

MiPwnYa    Brasil. May 26 2012 15:43. Posts 5227

someone make a beginners guide for plo already : )

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 29 2012 01:33. Posts 4742

I think it's about time pwnya!!

Have at it, make the best guide you've ever made!!

Make us proud!!

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thrust123   France. Aug 06 2012 04:20. Posts 346

i'm sorry this has nothing to do with anything but i don't know where to ask:
is there a way to know which threads we've read on LP? (like the bold thing on 2p2)

FullBRing   Philippines. Aug 06 2012 04:50. Posts 581

nope sry

duglas1978   India. Sep 27 2012 07:14. Posts 3

fantastic post for beginners........and also for me....

Art.Cascade   Australia. Sep 27 2012 07:59. Posts 41

Hi, I've been on the starcraft part of teamliquid for ages, and decided to give poker a try. Can I ask some questions? Is this the right place?

I took the pokerstrategy offer for $50 free on titanpoker if you did their quiz etc. Is titanpoker a good/bad site?

They keep repeating (at that I should play TAG. To know if I actually am playing like a TAG (I'm aiming for a cute little noob TAG right now), I feel it would be useful to take some statistics on myself (and maybe even on other people). Is there a free software that can help me take that kind of statistics? I don't feel like spending the $90 dollar for the fancy software you advertise on the OP right now.

cheers, see you at the tables! (plz don't take mai monei!)

edit: also, the accounts are separate on the starcraft and poker parts right? I didn't make a new account for nothing?

 Last edit: 27/09/2012 08:04

Art.Cascade   Australia. Sep 27 2012 10:42. Posts 41

Also, is the advice from pokerstrategy accurate for a beginner?

I read the "become a winner" articles by Jelle (from 2007!), which seemed to say more or less the same: play only the strongest hands preflop, but don't be afraid to raise when you get a good hand on the flop. Is that how I should play now at the start? I am getting a bit bored by sitting and folding round after round using the table from pokerstrategy (table.pdf), but maybe that is working as intended.

Meat   . Sep 27 2012 11:39. Posts 3383

  On September 27 2012 06:59 Art.Cascade wrote:
edit: also, the accounts are separate on the starcraft and poker parts right? I didn't make a new account for nothing?

Correct, both sites use seperate databases. We don't want minors or people that have moral objections to poker to automatically be a member of a poker site.

Art.Cascade   Australia. Sep 27 2012 18:50. Posts 41

Oh, rIght, that makes a lot of sense when you explain it that way, thanks.

Rapoza   Brasil. Sep 28 2012 15:50. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

Pouncer Style 4 the winLast edit: 28/09/2012 15:55

Fudyann   Netherlands. Sep 29 2012 10:43. Posts 704

There is free tracking software

it's not very user friendly though.

Art.Cascade   Australia. Sep 30 2012 21:06. Posts 41

Thanks for help guys!
I installed fpdp. What are good numbers to show on the HUD? I have 11.7% VPIP, is that too small? Maybe not enough hands to really tell atm.

I'll create a thread as Rapoza suggested once I have a bit more to show. Atm I have like 300 hands (up almost 2 dollars, yay me!) and just a few large bets. I'm playing preflop according to my chart, but pretty sure I'm doing everything after that wrong. Possibly folding/checking too often. I want to get a few more hands for better statistics before asking for advice though. Ty again.

Rapoza   Brasil. Oct 01 2012 01:15. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

Pouncer Style 4 the win 

duglas1978   India. Oct 09 2012 06:58. Posts 3

thanks for this cool beginners guide..............
i also learn this from

inoimbluffing   . Aug 11 2013 11:01. Posts 14

  On October 02 2009 17:11 TJ Cookier wrote:
how could someone be stupid enough to not know everything in this thread. mind boggling.

It's not stupid, people are not BORN with knowledge...everyone starts somewhere and somewhere along the line this info needs to be available. This is a beginners poker forum, the perfect place to find this sort of info. Imagine if it was never ever available? Now THAT dear Sir, is mind boggling along with the fact that you seem to be oblivious to this.

devon06atX   Canada. Aug 11 2013 13:47. Posts 5414

solid thread bump from a quote ~4yrs ago.

inoimbluffing   . Aug 22 2013 06:28. Posts 14

Wow, look at that graph

inoimbluffing   . Aug 24 2013 19:00. Posts 14

Thanks for the information!


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