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SuFF   Poland. Nov 22 2010 06:08. Posts 447

some stuff is old but still a lot of great articles for beginers, post #4

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Klawizna   . Mar 12 2011 13:23. Posts 5


empressivlee   Korea (South). Mar 15 2011 14:47. Posts 2

Is there a probability chart that tells you to raise or fold??

K40Cheddar   United States. Mar 15 2011 15:48. Posts 2194

  On March 15 2011 13:47 empressivlee wrote:
Is there a probability chart that tells you to raise or fold??

There is an M chart that is used in tourneys for when you should shove all in or fold depending on your stack size in relation to the blinds, position at the table and how many orbits (M) you can survive for.

For cash games not really.


Try2BePerfect   . Mar 15 2011 20:47. Posts 469

Graph looks standard, if you consider earlier shots (big losses in few torunaments) the "epic downswing" was just cumulation of 2-3 smaller swings which occured around 120#, 180# and so on.

Mr_sonic   Denmark. Mar 16 2011 18:33. Posts 6

nice start page, i´m looking at this for the first time

I´ll spank you Gus style!  

wolfheart   Estonia. Apr 28 2011 02:27. Posts 7586


This reminds my my graph then i was mass playing 5$ hu games and once i had all stakes tab on and was lookin 3/4 ppl registred and acidently registered to 200$ 4 player hu sng. I lost but next day i won 4$ 180 man sng. Had siminal cliff jump on my graph

Never give up. 

pokerblazers   Canada. Oct 18 2011 22:21. Posts 2

Very informative post and this actually helped a lot...


Shit happens.. 

buxiboy   Germany. Jan 18 2012 13:30. Posts 1

monster up and down

waga   United Kingdom. Jan 18 2012 15:02. Posts 2375

Boring freeroll hunter are boring

maryn   Poland. Jan 18 2012 18:07. Posts 1206

  On December 29 2009 16:37 Jelle wrote:
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if you are talking about martingale strategy (always betting just enough to get slightly ahead) or another betting strategy, it doesn't work

most of them are structured such that they will maximise your chance of having a winning session, but at the same time making your losing sessions so severe that you end up with the same longterm results (as in the graph)

martingale works, you just need infinite bankroll for it :DDD

YoMeR   United States. Jan 20 2012 03:00. Posts 12424

if i had a trillion dollars i'd martingale vs the US government...busto the government and own the USA

eZ Life. 

killmepl   Poland. Jan 23 2012 14:51. Posts 82

sorry mate, one trillion is not enough - according to xkcd money graph

Dont care 

hunterbran123   India. May 12 2012 17:48. Posts 2

--- Nuked ---

Rapoza   Brasil. May 12 2012 17:58. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

Pouncer Style 4 the win 

intown   Belgium. May 12 2012 18:50. Posts 121


PokeStar   Germany. May 15 2012 18:24. Posts 16

i just starte this week playing. when is the right time to start with real money? i am just scared of loosing. :O

when did you guys start?

kingpowa   France. May 15 2012 19:29. Posts 1525

If it is not for just registering for a freeroll... here is an answer.
Quite a lot started playing with playmoney and next sold it for some real money and started from there playing micros.
If you don't want to go through playmoney (which is understable), start at the lowest stakes, and don't move up until you feel very comfortable and beat it easily.

sorry for shitty english. 

PokeStar   Germany. May 16 2012 09:44. Posts 16

wow thank you very much for your help.
i know i sound very amateur (and i am!) but i really appreciate you helping me out as i believe you all know it better than me! thank you very much!

just out of curiosity: whats so bad with freerolls? as i understand its a tournament withouth entry fee right? that doesnt sound that bad. and can i change playmoney on PokerStars too?

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Raidern   Brasil. May 16 2012 20:05. Posts 4234

freerolls are not any bad. It's just that sometimes liquid poker hosts freerolls and some people sign on the site just to be able to play them.

im a regular at nl5 


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