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Here in my gantrithor - KNOWLEDGE pt.3

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 15 2024 18:28. Posts 15162
Present day Comment: Oh man, these were some good times below, I am definitely on the way down with things like exercise, mindfullness practices. But I AM embracing the chaos of my life way more. My life resembles my whirlwind brain a lot more closely, and that's not a bad thing.

If you want a positive impact, use positive language with yourself and others. I put very high value on being my own self, and having freedom. I still feel resentment towards my ex, that Im not even worth a text. I do not have to be afraid to fodm relationships, and then being treated badly. I am me, that's all there is nobody can do to me what I don't invite them to do. When shit tests come or disrespect comes, my strong centered self will express wat I want, won't let women people or anyone shit on me.

You say that while literally shitting, you're the only one that does the shitting...That comes to my emotions, beats at the tables too.
1) Push whenyou run good
2) Understand and accept variance
3) Think through hands, use reads in gradual systematic way based on confidence in them
5) Motivation from within. Accepting suffering + responsibility.

Internal motivation, don't latch onto others. Stop romanticising, longer time to fall for someone.
Rational thinking =>both chemistry, rational factors and mutual effort need to be high. Value being alone.

Every day starts fresh. Yesterday did end last noght, today is a brand new day.
I thank today and my past self.

- Even thinking about won and lost hands is absurt => it takes away brain space, lowers winrate and makes you much more likely to lose in the small to medium run. It's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it that makes the difference. Questioning what you are doing is pointless. Either accept it, observe and enjoy the grind, or stop, make a better plan. Never see bad, inpleasant feeling as doubt during action. Observe, accept it. You are an adult that lives by his values, it's okay if it feels hard. You do it anyways, learn to enjoy the grind. I do what's right, my life is about responsibility, it's all right to not feel like doing something. It's ok to suffer, that's part of life if you want to live it. I can go to the woods and become a buddhist otherwise.

Pishing when things are good
=> High confidence => high winrate => even higher probability of a high winrate => take it easy on losing days, where probability of losing is even higher due to lower winrate, skill advantage. Use reads, GRADUALLY get out of line as you collect more data. But trust your default game and work on it.

Be grateful for your mistakes, learn from them, face the pain as they are a blessing in disguise. What you resist, persists.

Timing tells
vs regs keep them the same ish. Vs donks you want to manipulate, try things out like tank long before call turn > induce river bluffs. Fast bet = easy decision, do NOT bet fast unless you want them to fold. If you have a hard decission in a spot - how long would it take you? and do THAT with the easy hands or hands you're trying to represent.

Ideal partners - priorities
Values, supporting partner's roles, communication + rituals, emotions, positivity, feelings.

They share a sense of purpose
1) emotional intelligence
2) Fucking attrraction, chemistry
3) Think positively about one another
4) Help each other succeed in careers etc.
5) Compromise, use humor to open her up in hard times.
6) forgive
7) Share experiences.
8) Respect each other, friends who's sexuality happens to be great and compatible.

John m Gottman
Accept that most conflicts cannot be solved. We are different people. Accept that life is suffering sometimes and that's okay. Accept that there are disagreements, compromise, it's your choice to be with the person. You got to keep your personality, polarity. It's futile trying to "win", try to prove thruth at all costs, pre-prepare arguments to roll your partner over onstead of speaking your values and being open.

Present day comment: NEW NOTEBOOK, DATE: last september, 2022. This was my peak work, doing swimming, breathing, prochazka, tolle every day - in this notebook I got the politics job. I feel like I regressed, atleast now I go after oppotunities like Vegas lol:D

August is your woke month. YOu observe, appreciate your ego, you do the work and the pond, you calmly grind. You are seeing strong reg plays as an opportunity to learn and understand spot.
POND = nudist pond at motol. People were singing.

The more you like, respect and appreciate yourself, the more you will love, respect andappreciate others. You havea tremendous feeling of momentum and progress that full you full of energy and enthusiasm with excitement.

You are so busy working on things tat are important to you that you don't have time to be worried or pre-occupied about various things in your life that may not be perfect. You are determined to continually think about the things that you want, and keep your mind off of the things that you don't want. => Ego level, separate from inner purpose, obvserve all from the deep inner self, with full acceptamce. The deep aware state is vastly superior to the stories the limited ego makes.

"Is that so"
"I am"
"Who am I"
"This too will pass"
Breathm, Awareness, still calmness

Ego - stories, ups, downs, past, future, expecting, anxiety, excitement.
Awareness - the observer
calm, comnnected to the source and others, presence, accepting, joyful, INFINITE.

My ego is funny, the stories it makes are hilarious - going mental over a standard flip, saying how I am dying and - it's hilariously absurd.
Through all this I am rich, I am wealthy, I have more than I have ever had because of me finding that deepinfinite calmness underneath.

It's good what I did here, referred to my ego as "him", e.g. "Vasek is now writing", this forces him to focus. The now is all that matters, Vasek believes that he can look at the past in the now, do a review of his past thoughts with curiosity, joyful detachment. He is smiling now at the thoughts making him laugh at the absurd stories his head came up with.

He read about a great session he had, actually surprised a the positive tone!
- donk at every table
- wrote notes
- calm
- tanked a ton
- went for bluffs that made sense

"Wow", vasek thinks, it does make him deel hopeful, he knows he needs to run a tighter ship. He ordered a beer at Kyjsky Rybnik => Feeling was right! Vasek was engaged in a commntary of his ego.

Vasek: I fantasised about one of my exes:
Observer: So you do itto a memory of a chick you dated10 years ago, that's now probably married with kids, instead of talking to new people like that girl from the wedding? You are **tarded lol.

Vasek laughed as he saw the curious absurdity.

He read his entry about getting so angry at regs that 3bet him that he cold 4bet A8o and doung it amusing how absurd it is => Your decisions are simple acts based on information, you can be calm and collected and approach it as a math problem.

Vasek just has to and loves to make a huge deal of things. He always wants to become and Einstein, sometimes shit is just shit, you have the information at hand, use it, you don't have to figure out the meaning of the universe in every tiny decisions.

Vasek keeps flipping out so hard when a donk hits. He loves to make stories out of mundane things so he feels like he matters, like he is a big deal. If he just did stuff without overthinking he's petrified he wouldn't matter. He feels guilty about waking up late, how can he do well

Write questions, find solutions. Write your values and goals - life, poker, health, relationships, physique, social life. Find what you are grateful for. White board for goals!

Just fucking relax between hands, let the fucking hands GO, theya re in the PAST, worrying or celebrating wins is fucking shit. Breathe, notice shjot, you right now, her, in thismoment, is all that fucking matters! SO much fucking NOISE in my head! simplify it bitch, be alone! ENJOY SILENCE, CONTEMPLATE! I have this limiting belief that when I am tired I can't have a great day. Wall that's just untrue! Every sign of tension is an invitation to relax.

If you can't focus on tables only, dont play at all. The steps you can take to stay focused:
Nap, meditation, walk, smoothie, gym, writing thoughts, stretch, punch air.
Signs of being centered:
1) Walking, sitting straight, confident body language
2) Keeping things clean
3) Calm response to others
4) Firmly standing up for my values
5) Not nervous with people, grin laugh, but pause, feel the moment instead when feeling is awkward.
6) Feel emotions, observe them, not hide from them, and take the right action!

If I need something, I don't cheat with shortcuts. I take ACTION to get it, work a long term solution.

It's my right and responsibility to set the tone of interactions. I wont; be pushed into negativity, I am open but firm.
I, not afrait of walking away, and am okay with disagreement.
I am the rock, the pilot of the conversations.
I use Silence + thought as I see fit, generously.

When low on willpower
- cut sessions short
- more break positive stuff like hypnosis, music.

You are alone, right now, from within, this is all you have . You don't change based on what you perceive others might think. You don't change based on events either, you change from within, without external validation seeking. No need to look smart for others, ask forwhat you want, and give who you really are and whaty they ASK FOR. This moment right now is all you have and that you can change. VENT ON PAPER

PRESENT DAY: Another one, different era. The above 2 were the most coherent, I should break up with people more often! the below one is clearly in an upswing, years ago, around the time I played on asian apps

1) betsizing
2) My range, my strategy
3) My reactions - I play my hand well. I can lose money but win the hand by doing my best .
-I focus on the long run
- I cannot control hands, I can control my long term probability of winning.
4) This hand right now, in this moment, nothing else matters
5) Reads
- dont obsess
- only in close EV spots
- Only CONFIRMED ones
- but pay attention
6) I push HARD in the good times, maintain in rough
7) Habits- the day is all about the grind
8) writing = > vent on paper!
9) awareness, livingmy my values, responsibilities
10) Relax! Breathe! every sign of tension is an invitation to relax.
11) Eat regular,healthy food
12) Face reality, thank the past, focus on the present, be hopeful about the future.

"today I tanked through hands. Closed eyes, paysed in sessions, streams, visualised ranges, took pauses. FUN! Zig Ziglar inspired me. Food = morning oatmeal, delay eating, sustainable energy. The higher the volume, the higher the chance of winning. In practice you should feel PROUD if you do the best with a hard situation.

What amI grateful for
1) GREAT people in my life, I built and amazing circle , very grateful for them.
2) Mindset - Iam me right now, I get my values and drive from within for the first time in my life. I define myself!
3) sustainable HABITS - Im not all or nothing, I work moment by moment, slowy, stradily, relentlessly, over the long run. I've been through so much, always kept working!
4) My BODY - love it, look great, powerful body I love, built through habits
5) inner strenght - Ijust seem to pull effort automatically, bounce back very fast

IMperative I clam the fuck down, take it easy, noneed to learn anything new, no need to open skype, no need to worry, just be in the moment.

Alcohol, caffeine, substances are bad for you. You are a centered man, if you don't want to drink you don't have to! Sleep podcast is amazing and it works. I need to develop that counteract the belief that I can't do the right thing when I feel bad. Focus on sitting up straight, and other small things!

I love you man, you are strong and resilient, bounce back is thanks to your habits! Every mistake, every bad feeling is an opportunity to grow. I got excited when pressured by circumstances, as I saw great things I can improve. One day of discomfort has the potential to change your life forever!
1) as long as you FACE the day, problem HEAD ON, like a CHAMP - feel the shit!
2) WRITE it down in notepad
3) look at it back, read it rationally
4) See OPPORTUNITIES for improvement
5) Set up specific, measureable actionable and achieveable HABITS that you can improve over the long run.

As a poker pro, all that matters is getting rid of tension and being mentally ready for the swings and realities of your habits and responsibilities. Relaxing, observing, letting go away from the tables is a big part ofyour JOB. Your responsibility is to FORGET about poker RESPONSIBILITIES when away from the tables. Relax, observe, that's a fucking command PRESENT DAY MOMENT: umm, I wrote the N word here and a heart here in the diary

She [My Ex] is right - it's good to have people that question you, makes you grow. BUT you get their input and you don't really want to be around them when they point it out negatively when you're down. You work it out and them see them. Commited relationship - I need a cheerleader, someone who has faith in me, and mainly challenges and criticises when things are good when I can rationally handle it.

It's insane how I've built up my mindset and ressilience, bouncing back feels so easy. It's VITAL to live and speak out my values, face consequences, figure out differences with other people. It feels AWESOME speaking openly to your partner, good and bad stuff that could offend potentially. That's how you approach life! you FACE reality, okay to suffer, with awareness, see differences, see flaws, work on the together, feeling of closeness.

The past doesn't matter, forgive and learn from it, focus on the present moment, plan and set goals for the future. Take NAPS between sessions.

I am a strong man that lives by hos values and responsibility. I face life head on, act rationally, guided by feelings, but doing the right thing rationally. Things that are RIGHT no matter how HARD they are. My success does not depend on results, money or posessions. It depends on what person I am, what I do day to day, how I live through my responsibilities and values. I face the suffering! I feel successful by living my values, habits, plan for the future, accept, forgive, and learn from the past , live the present. Even though things like financial stability are gonna be a byproduct, I don't feel any less successful right now. I can only control me, not others, and react through actions. I accept that people have different values from mine.

Get ANGRY if you need to, play nap play, pumo yourself up, do whatever to focus. DO not APOLOGISE, THANK - instead of "sorry for being late" "thank you for waiting"!

Prokopske udoli
amazing, first I felt fucked, overwhelmed, felt really glad I was on my own. Walking makes me attracted to people - walking+sun = I fell in love like 4 times today. Felt amazing on a night out, felt my feelings, interest in people without judgement. I have this great ability to get lost in music, just focus, watch.

Forgive the past, face it, learn from it thank the past experiences, live the moment with an open mind. All you can do is your bets right now, with full focus, and as long as you've planned for success you will move forward. There are CONSEQUENCES to your actions. You accept that. When you feel craving for sweets because you ate sweets after hangover = > you DONT BUY MORE SWEETS to make yourself feel good! You see the feeling as NORMAL, accept it, and do the right thing anyways. I don't respect my parents, exes, they are not to blame, It's my responsibility to live strong values, I LEAD THE WAY in defining my values and living them. I define what success is, success is day by day I do bbetter and better, given the situation I AM IN.

I'm, in the shit, I tilt, I rage, BUT I WRITE, face the feelings, do my best. I am successful if things are easy ... I have results but I don't do my best wuth the situation...I cannot consider myself a success. I feel AMAZING when my past seld did the work. Write + deal with emotions and it's worst. Avoid chocolate, sweets even with strong urge. Went running, felt ired but now I have calm and power. PRESENT MOMENT is all that matters, breathe, be HERE! It is really liberating when you accept reality for what it is, you decide to live life!. You take responsibility, you do the right thing, you accept the consequences.

The new girl you met - f*** like a champ!

Be wary of ranges, adjustments regs are likely to make. Feelings are just an experience, not you. You are a responsible person that's in control of their actions.
=> Went on a crazy rollercoaster, scared all week.
Accepted feelings as an experience I observe.
It felt amazingovercoming my fear, no way I'd do it a year ago.
If I ovrcome paralysis of heights, I can do anything "normal" .
habits are the way to success, relisten Trisha's peak poker performance x1 per week. listen to positive shit after waking, corey etc. Use willpower for setting habits. breaking patterns like fear of heights are vital to stay sane, keep perspective.

FEEL STUCK? Do something else you're afraid of that allows you to get perspective

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 15 2024 18:37. Posts 15162

Man, there's so many of these
LP Better not be shut down any time soon :D I will literally process them, throw them out, move and then start fresh ones. 300 IQ plan

93% Sure!  

PuertoRican   United States. Jan 15 2024 21:13. Posts 13014

To shit, or not to shit, that is the question.

Rekrul is a newb 


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