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is Hem3 or 888 accurate????

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HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Dec 01 2021 04:09. Posts 10887
Hi guys
So i am not really playing poker anymore but i play once in a while.
I use to play with HEM2 but no more support so i bought HEM3
it is the second time this is happening.

I start my session at lets say 1000$ Bankroll
HEM have me up 2 buyin but only up 1 and an half on 888

Did it happen to anyone else?

I dont really get what's up

Thanks guys!

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lostaccount   Canada. Dec 08 2021 13:30. Posts 3649

Sorry broski this isn’t a poker forum anymore better luck on 2+2

love life love others 


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