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reading old blog post

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lostaccount   Canada. Dec 17 2020 17:27. Posts 3433
fucking priceless so much funny shit.

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lostaccount   Canada. Dec 18 2020 02:00. Posts 3433

here a hand where LP use to be bumping i miss the old days. arguing 24/7 lol

lostaccount   Canada. Dec 20 2020 16:35. Posts 3433

You guys gotta check out my old blog from first time i post till now. Its fucking hilarious. no jokes priceless shit going on

Ryan Neilly   United States. Feb 09 2021 13:40. Posts 1565

i hope ur doin great john hmu sometime

lostaccount   Canada. Feb 10 2021 23:26. Posts 3433

Ryan I am doing great, I tried to Skype u


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