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1 Million Dollars

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failsafe   United States. Nov 22 2020 02:25. Posts 1032
Has a Professor ever won $1,000,000 at a slot machine?

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so you can show me some cards 

dnagardi   Hungary. Nov 25 2020 19:15. Posts 1731

excellent question

Trav94   Canada. Nov 27 2020 12:43. Posts 1774

Yea I have. Hit me up. I'll sell you my secrets for $99.97.

Stat.Quo   Somalia. Dec 03 2020 18:55. Posts 1227

There was a guy I became friends with at an underground poker game in Thailand, he told everyone his name was Bill. A few years later I see that he is on the Nevada Gaming Commisions most wanted, for cheating slot machines out of 750k lol. "Bill" owned a gogobar lol

Stat.Quo   Somalia. Dec 03 2020 19:00. Posts 1227

owengraham   United Kingdom. Apr 13 2021 23:08. Posts 3

lol, all secrets revealed for 99,99.


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