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bmoney012   United States. Aug 28 2018 13:53. Posts 3
--- Nuked ---

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uiCk   Canada. Aug 28 2018 16:32. Posts 3517

How much for the poker model?

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NewbSaibot   United States. Aug 28 2018 20:30. Posts 4829

I dont like this play at all. For starters QQ4 looks as dry to your opponent as it does to you, he'll call with anything knowing that it's highly unlikely you hit either. Furthermore he can create the illusion of a slowplaying the nuts by instituting a move like the check raise. With a check raise he is basically saying "I've got you, and I think your hand is so good that you'll call anyway because you cant let it go". This shows extreme strength and can be done with basically any 2 cards. In this case he didnt feel the need to bluff because he knew it was highly likely you were bluffing and that his 4's were good. He also knew that even if you had 4's beat he could probably get to showdown easily since you would be too scared to continue betting anything on a paired board. And if you did bet again, well then surely you must have him beat, perhaps even with trup queens!

Which brings us to scenario 2, you *commit* to this bluff. You may feel it is fanciful but think about it, for the same reasons you should be too scared to bluff he should be too scared to call! Betting all 3 streets here shows a lot of strength, so much that ONLY a queen could call! What are the odds he has a queen in his hand? Probably around 3.50%. Therefore your bluff stands a high degree of success.

And you know what? Even if he calls you get to demonstrate to the whole table that you are capable of running a complete airball bluff on 3 streets. Next time when you really have you'll certainly get paid off.

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bmoney012   United States. Aug 29 2018 15:17. Posts 3

--- Nuked ---


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