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Starcraft drama involving Larva

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blackjacki2   United States. Dec 05 2017 18:14. Posts 2140

There's a hilarious scandal unfolding in the SC:BW community right now involving Larva. Larva was invited to a exhibition tournament of sorts and all the other players were non-Korean players that didn't play competitively anymore. Needless to say Larva was leagues ahead of them skill-wise so he decided to make it interesting by employing some showboating antics, such as off-racing and nuking, playing with his hands crossed, killing off his own worker at the start of the game, and the most notable - playing with his feet.

His opponent, Legend, was a retired Chinese pro and was unaware of the antics during the match. After the match when he was told about it he was quite upset and felt disrespected and humiliated. His statement translated:

  How did I meet such a mentally ill person while going overseas to have a little fun (not sure if that’s what his metaphor means). What kind of enjoyment did you get from this, or did you do it for some mentally challenged fans. When I first knew you I thought you got your results through hard work, and I respected that. But now I see that I was completely wrong. Even if you were to nuke me in game I would just laugh it off. Outside the game you act like a clown, this is the difference between you and a 1st place professional player. Trash…

The event organizer, ZOTAC, also responded and ended up banning Larva from future events:

  1. Zotac apologize to Legend and all spectators for this incident. Larva's actions will not be tolerated.

2. Larva did not notify of the organizers of his actions, and his statement of "having the organizer's permission" is not true.

3. Larva will be banned from any Zotac Cups in the future, and all players with previous record of similar actions will not be invited.

4. Zotac expects Larva to apologize to Legend.

So now the SC community is embroiled in heated debate over the morality of playing against your opponent with your feet. Thoughts?

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Daut    United States. Dec 05 2017 18:36. Posts 8843

Think Legend needs to apologize for his statement more than Larva needs to apologize for his actions. Think Larva did nothing wrong, hatersgonnahate.gif

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Dec 05 2017 20:10. Posts 4110

larva did nothing wrong, so dam sensitive god dam.

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NMcNasty    United States. Dec 05 2017 20:51. Posts 1923

Meh. "Playing with feet" is just sticking one foot up on the keyboard after the zealot rush has mostly already failed. Pretending to sleep in a ZvP when the game is already over .

So just kind of unimpressive douchebaggery from Larva, nothing to get excited over in any way.

PoorUser    United States. Dec 05 2017 20:58. Posts 7385

yeah doesnt seem like the hugest of deals - esp considered it was classified as a showmatch. also, i've heard that the chinese->english translation tone of legend makes it come off a little bit more harsh than its meant to be...tho i think its still pretty salty

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FrinkX   United States. Dec 06 2017 01:32. Posts 7460

i think its ridiculous people are surprised larva acted in this manner. of course he would act like this. how often is he basically guaranteed $10k w/ no pressure and a great opportunity to showcase his antics. have they rly never watched his stream? lol

chinese player should stfu and laugh it off and pocket the free $ and wish larva GL on his brand

can someone link larva smashing everything in his room for 10m then breaking down crying? lolol

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FrinkX   United States. Dec 06 2017 01:34. Posts 7460

also as McNasty said, his antics were stupid AF. he did them at times that didn't matter and never stuck to them. i think he failed hardcore at being funny

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Arirang   Canada. Dec 06 2017 01:35. Posts 1673

if you got problems, don't lose to the clown playing with his feet

lucky331   . Dec 06 2017 05:22. Posts 1081

he should not be making fun of other people like that in public. and the other guy should have left it alone and let the larva dude keep doing what he was doing. hopefully also in other events.

in fact it should be encouraged.

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 06 2017 07:20. Posts 263

When Flash is destroying Larva's bases Flash should be shown jerking off

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 06 2017 08:39. Posts 14681

this is amazing

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Dec 06 2017 14:01. Posts 8505

First, u get crushed by a guy playing w his feet, then you insult him cause he crushed you and then he s the one that has to apologize.

drone666   Brasil. Dec 06 2017 19:56. Posts 1634

looooooool epic shit
dude playing with the feet hahahahah

lucky331   . Dec 07 2017 05:22. Posts 1081

i would be more impressed if his other foot was controlling the mouse.

Baalim   Mexico. Dec 07 2017 05:28. Posts 32350

esports needs more of this people dont get that this is a fucking show not a samurai fight ruled by the bushido

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lucky331   . Dec 07 2017 07:09. Posts 1081

agree with baal.

TheTrees   United States. Dec 07 2017 15:19. Posts 1592

God damn people get so upset over such dumb things. It's a fucking exhibition match against a top pro vs. ex retired foreigners. Everyone knew he was going to stomp them -- why can't he have a little fun?

alejandicto   . Dec 07 2017 19:58. Posts 786

thats hilarious wtf with the salty, this is good for esports. Besides, firebathero did worst things and it were on important events.

Joe   Czech Republic. Dec 07 2017 21:02. Posts 5986

Lol, Larva is the best. Hope he doesn't get discouraged.

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Daut    United States. Dec 07 2017 21:08. Posts 8843

  On December 07 2017 04:28 Baalim wrote:
esports needs more of this people dont get that this is a fucking show not a samurai fight ruled by the bushido


NewbSaibot: 18 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Because FUCK YOU, Daut 


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