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HM2 on PartyPoker

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Otto Marwin   Iceland. Nov 08 2017 14:58. Posts 65
I've noticed that PP has a thing against HUDS and data mining from their software.

I find my HH not viable for more then a single session (at one table) as the number of hands get scrambled from table to table.
I have player x with 885 hands on one table but 403 hands on the next one. Therefore I set my hud to only display hands from my current session and go from there.

I cant not utilize the opponent features as it imports the data as Player 1-9.

My question is, is there a way around this? Are Note Caddy notes viable on PP or is it the same as for hand stats?

I'm shaking the rust of my game after a few years off and I'm surprised by the size of the player pool at nl25 on Party, it doesn't seem very large compered to full-tilt back in the day where I rarely had the same names on multiple tables (let alone few days in a row)

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Luck just can´t explain it 

Rocks2BeGood   Netherlands. Nov 08 2017 19:18. Posts 3579

Same for me, u have the stats for 1 session but the hands import as player 1 to 6 or 9..

The strange part was that when i tried the fastforward tables i think it worked for me.
Kinda annoying if you want to analyse specifically vs players

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okyougosu   Russian Federation. Nov 09 2017 02:13. Posts 962

notecaddy session notes didn't work for me, as these are imported for player1...9
i also had hard time evaluating regs positional 3bet and 4bet frequencies


okyougosu   Russian Federation. Nov 09 2017 02:14. Posts 962

u can get regs tendencies from playing fastforward constantly


Otto Marwin   Iceland. Nov 09 2017 09:15. Posts 65

It imports data via screename at FF tables, I guess that's where I'll be

Luck just can´t explain it 


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