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OpenBW project + Shield Battery

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 24 2017 12:14. Posts 11625

OpenBw Project

If you have any suggestions go here

HD broodwar compatible client to use with Fish/Iccup/anyserver NO CHANGES IN GAMEPLAY or CONNECTIVITY
It will just make the game so much prettier, replays with more features, sound enhanced and compatibility with newer cards, directx's, monitors and resolutions. Also SCAI bot integration for single or multiplayer, so no more retarded AI opponents/ally

Replay viewer


This project provides auto-matcmaking and a ton of other new features like optimization of network connectivity, no more weird portforwarding shit even on fast connections.

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Joe   Czech Republic. Jan 24 2017 14:33. Posts 5986

Interesting. Will be checking it out and maybe later will try to create some AI of my own for this.

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 24 2017 14:40. Posts 11625

yeah man its a very active community,

Into Infinity   United States. Jan 24 2017 18:25. Posts 1808

only playing if my valkyries spin in little circles like retards when too many units are on the screen


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