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Loco   Canada. Jul 28 2015 14:05. Posts 20422

  On July 27 2015 06:58 suited_mess wrote:
can someone tell me why in the house scene they treated us with a fkin Disney style song, instead of intense music? Watching this was fkin retarded with such soundtrack going in the backround...

I was confused as well. For a moment I thought the music was coming from elsewhere on my computer. It was a terrible choice.

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NeverFelted   . Aug 01 2015 16:39. Posts 56

After falling asleep during my first two attempts to watch this episode I finally skipped forward and watched the party scene. I could have missed something, but from what it looked like Rachel Mcadams, working as a police detective, infiltrates a sex party, misrepresents herself, is confronted and then murders a guy while high on MDMA.

At least she found that missing immigrant, totally justifies murder!

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Aug 03 2015 21:36. Posts 9206

this is way too predictable serisouly, the second the black police chief woman said the investigation will be known only by a few individuals i knew they are all gonna die and have the 3man squad put in a fucked up situation fuck this pisses me off

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Aug 04 2015 00:17. Posts 6374


ban baal 

devon06atX   Canada. Aug 04 2015 18:13. Posts 5414

Power watched the last four episodes. Enjoyed them a lot. Will most likely power watch the whole season once it's done.

The music fit the scene perfectly imo.

Vaughn started off awkward imo, but he's pretty badass now.

dnagardi   Hungary. Aug 04 2015 20:52. Posts 1695

great ep

whamm!   Albania. Aug 06 2015 01:13. Posts 11625

turning out to be a great show, not season 1 level but still, really good imo

impact69   Mexico. Aug 06 2015 19:16. Posts 307

  On August 06 2015 00:13 whamm! wrote:
turning out to be a great show, not season 1 level but still, really good imo

It's getting a little better but is far from being a great show IMO.

whamm!   Albania. Aug 07 2015 01:45. Posts 11625

theme song sucks balls, i hate it.

TimDawg    United States. Aug 07 2015 14:31. Posts 10194

last episode wasn't terribad like all the other eps but still wasn't that good

I found I was constantly asking myself wtf was going on or who the hell is that person they just mentioned during that ep. This is probably just because I lose interest and find it so hard to pay attention to small details in previous episodes.

I really liked Vince Vaughn's scenes though. He channeled his inner bad guy much better than in past episodes

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dnagardi   Hungary. Aug 10 2015 22:17. Posts 1695

decent last ep

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Aug 10 2015 23:30. Posts 9206

bad season
bad ending
overwhelmed by cliches
I didn't find a single surprise in the finale honestly.. and I usually suck at predicting shit i watch

Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 11 2015 02:32. Posts 4742

Yeah, was a few cool scenes, but was bored through most of the episode. Also confused a lot, + i didn't quite get what was going on at the end.

He's such a bad ass, 2 guys, ok, let's go get all the Russians alone, all tactical and clever. Been through so much shit. Then when he's in trouble, &quot;no ill die&quot;, and he's having anxiety attacks as he's running, and a weird suicide jump in at the end, just weird.

At least make a proper attempt, i dunno, they often think of something, maybe do some trick, drive in a tunnel, drive to the police station, drive somewhere where you're higher up, so you can snipe, stop fill gass, drive really fast, refuel, take off the tracking thingy, lure them in trap, i dunno, a million things. Just felt meh.

Maybe overly critical, not sure, cos i really like that guy who got shot in the woods, think he's great, the girl is close, but she can't pull any of the stuff her character is trying to portray off, so you just get annoyed, and she ends up very bad.

I think, overall, id rate the show like 5,5 out of 10 or so, 5,8 maybe, not sure.

Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 11 2015 12:50. Posts 4742

After a night's sleep, maybe I was a bit to hard on it, and I gave it a little lower, since I had such high hopes. Maybe in a vacuum it's a 6,3 or something, yeah, sounds more fair.

TimDawg    United States. Aug 11 2015 15:39. Posts 10194

  On August 11 2015 11:50 Mariuslol wrote:
After a night's sleep, maybe I was a bit to hard on it, and I gave it a little lower, since I had such high hopes. Maybe in a vacuum it's a 6,3 or something, yeah, sounds more fair.

I was the opposite and I had very low expectations and actually somewhat enjoyed it. It held my attention for almost all of the episode which is not true for really any of the other episodes

but yeah the way Farrell and Vaughns' characters went out was just really dumb

online bob is actually a pretty smart person, not at all like the creepy fucker that sits in the sofa telling me he does nasty shit to me when im asleep - pinballLast edit: 12/08/2015 05:03

Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 11 2015 16:30. Posts 4742

I saw the first episode of that new show, Lucifer, which is more of a feel good, cheesy lines, puns, jokes, most actors looks like models etc. But enjoyed that a lot more than final episode of True, which is strange lol.

ggplz   Sweden. Aug 11 2015 21:02. Posts 16640


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Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 12 2015 00:05. Posts 4742

Pilots out for two new series a few days ago, wonder if they'll be good.


suited_mess   Poland. Aug 12 2015 09:34. Posts 93

Meh, meh & meh, nothing new, cheesy ending, sad shocker that Velcoro has another child that he does not know about. I almost cired - NOT.
Times journalist - saving their good names - seen milion times. Velcoro a father of ginger fatso - another shitty filler to the plot.
I was really hoping for bigger connection on Velcoro`s murder in the name of his wife - than just a narco tard pointed by this blond hair fag.

Cabin in the woods gave us a bit hope as well - that they will go with some fucked up shit, bird heads in first ep, guy without eyes - jeeeez, these kids could be more fucked up - going Dexter style on everyone - and sister of a murderer a child of Caspere? That was the shittiest part of the story , that came out of nowhere, suppose to be a big news, and had no impact on the stry other than stupid dead of this Kid on the Airport or something.

And this cheesy line about fkin park in Southern America - white suite/white dress - fuck me, was that blink from fkin Twighlight?

And which badass gangster being captured by Mexicans and taken to the dessert does not make an attempt to move 3.5 Mln diamonds into his fkin sox or a fkin shoe - but keeping them in the pocket of his jacket for all the time and dont give a fuck knowing he will loose milion from the briefcase.

Show was a joke, feel sorry for Woddy and Matheew going as producers on this shit.
Start You rage boys...

well...Last edit: 12/08/2015 09:35

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Aug 12 2015 22:50. Posts 9206

Tbh I'd say Collin Farell and Vince Vaughn played their roles really well, however the script was just insanely bad. How did this get to production i have no idea. HBO mostly produces good stuff. I doubt anyone ever expected S2 to be nearly as good as S1, but they didn't even try. I'm quite positive a 5th grader that reads thrillers in his spare times could write a 10x better script. Everything was just so average

I hope they just end the series here, they need a miracle now for anyone to take them seriously. However I think the show has been renew as there are rumours for Nina Dobrev to take part in it as welll, which would be ridiculous imo, but then again i could be biased since Vampire Diaries suck balls and etc.

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