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Live 1/2 NL Hand

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Rescom   United States. Feb 04 2015 13:33. Posts 133

Lately, I have been table selecting 1/2 NL and 1/2 PLO while grinding out live tournaments. This hand came up the other night.

Hero: Approx. 475 BBs
Villain: Approx. 150 BBs

Villain has tried two terrible bluffs up to this point, middle aged woman who drinks too much and has a bad reputation.

I'm in late position with A8o

I open for $10

SB and BB(Villain) calls.

Flop: 885

SB checks, BB leads 20, Hero calls, SB Folds

Turn: 7

BB leads 55, Hero calls

Before the river comes out, it looks like the BB is grabbing entire stack ready to shove. She has some green mixed in and with one hand is almost simultaneously shipping while the card is peeling.

River: 6

BB ships 209, Hero ??

Thoughts on every street? Especially against someone known for spewing chips.

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collegesucks   United States. Feb 04 2015 15:13. Posts 5780

wp. hope you snapcalled. from the little information given, she seems like a player who has no brakes once she starts putting money into the pot.

plus, i don't rely on physical tells too much, but inexperienced players peacocking with their chips have very often been weak.


Trav94   Canada. Feb 04 2015 17:26. Posts 1709

River probably doesn't change shit if her live tells are reliable. So I wouldn't worried about 66 or a straight other then maybe 99.

Rescom   United States. Feb 09 2015 22:27. Posts 133

I snap called and she hit the gut shot on the river with 74o. I am sure she would have jammed any river the way that it played out.

casinocasino   Canada. Mar 09 2015 06:34. Posts 3305

i would re-raise turn small 130, I don't think anyone really folds to a small raise here, but if shes absolutely insane then I guess calling seems okay..

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traxamillion   United States. Apr 19 2015 19:21. Posts 10340

Standard wp, don't like a turn raise

casinocasino   Canada. Jun 10 2015 03:50. Posts 3305

Ugh.. I guess I would just call it down on turn and river. But when I first saw this hand. I thought both of these live players have so many more hands then boats on the flop that reraising was the clear play.

Jelle   Belgium. Jun 11 2015 12:43. Posts 3332

  On February 04 2015 16:26 Trav94 wrote:
River probably doesn't change shit if her live tells are reliable. So I wouldn't worried about 66 or a straight other then maybe 99.

huh? If the tells are reliable she was weak on the flop and turn, I don't see how that reduces the chance she rivered a straight, it might even increase it

I think flatting the turn is great but once the river comes that card I think you're in a difficult position and I wouldn't fault anyone for calling or folding. Against a recreational player why not talk to her a bit? Just ask "what do you have?" or whatever and she might easily say something that turns your decision from marginal to slam dunk, or she might think you're fun to play with if nothing else


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