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How do I grind or HU?

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thewholebank   . Mar 14 2012 06:09. Posts 8

I'm going to use WoW terminology, but which do you guys recommend I "tech" up to?

Grinder or Heads-Up play or tourney?

I currently have a 13.3" LED on my laptop which is limiting growth in multi-table play. Aside from equipment, what should I be focusing on? Any tips to improve attention?

Should I play a few select hands with aggressive raising or large selection of hands (playing for low straight/flush/etc) with passive raises? Or somewhere in between?

I don't know. Please help. Family needs help, need to rescue from ninjas. (j/k)

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DaEm0niCuS   United States. Mar 14 2012 07:52. Posts 3290

Def go for the passive raises.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Mar 14 2012 09:18. Posts 3912

i recommend learning full ring, i heard you can cbet and take it down and that can win you money up till 1000nl.

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thewholebank   . Mar 14 2012 10:25. Posts 8

What's this full ring system you speak of?
So multi tables (4), playing with large selection of hands (pairs/flush/etc) with passive raises is the way to go?

Minsk   Belarus. Mar 14 2012 12:23. Posts 1495

multitable large selection with passive raises is the way to go

the fullring system doesnt work

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DaEm0niCuS   United States. Mar 14 2012 12:26. Posts 3290

Like lambs to the slaughter.

devon06atX   Canada. Mar 14 2012 14:09. Posts 5381

You should read this article. It's very old, but it'll give you a bit of a sense as to what to do.

thewholebank   . Mar 14 2012 20:44. Posts 8

Thanks, devon, it's a very good read so far.
It is very similar to the post by Liquid`meat.

Oh forgot to mention, I already am doing them since starting.

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traxamillion   United States. Mar 15 2012 01:24. Posts 10332

you should tech up to PLO

Bullshit   Canada. Mar 15 2012 06:27. Posts 737

definitely tech up to plo

anheway   . Mar 15 2012 10:22. Posts 338

Full ring cash grind is like LFD normals - not hard, not many wipes, low stress etc.

Tourneys are like non-rated BGs - sometimes it's awesome when you get a good team who defends nodes and follows the strategy but often it's bots, afk-ers, road fighting tards, HK tunnel vision farmers, "let them win" ...

HU cash is competitive arena - occasionally you'll get nubs, but way more often you'll get geared to the teeth gladiator mages and battlemaster rogues

Target-x17   Canada. Mar 15 2012 11:54. Posts 1027

use tech up in a wow sentence please im not convinced this is something they say

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taco   Iceland. Mar 15 2012 15:10. Posts 1792

  On March 15 2012 10:54 Target-x17 wrote:
use tech up in a wow sentence please im not convinced this is something they say

Yeah nobody says tech-up in WoW.

Source: I played WoW once for 2 months.

Venrae   United States. Mar 15 2012 23:44. Posts 1545

trips is a rly good hand, you should think about raising those too

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thewholebank   . Mar 15 2012 23:50. Posts 8

Haha, you're right, that's old school... Circa 2005. Because the skill tree closely resembled the tech tree of RTS/strategy games.

Or maybe it's just me and my friends (who have long quit) who use the term.

vlseph   United States. Mar 16 2012 05:29. Posts 3026

I've played WoW for years no one ever uses "tech up." Also wtf is a passive raise vs aggressive raise???

Anyways, I'm not sure what your definition of what "grinder" means, but you can definitely grind out money playing heads up and tournaments. I assume you think of it as like a mass multi tabler who's doing 6 max or full ring right? Any of these three avenues can be profitable, you just have to find out what you are good at or what you prefer.

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PplusAD   Germany. Mar 16 2012 22:55. Posts 7124

ih 2005 is oldschool now ,)
damn i am getting old >-<

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2c0ntent   Egypt. Mar 17 2012 12:34. Posts 1387

  On March 16 2012 21:55 PplusAD wrote:
ih 2005 is oldschool now ,)
damn i am getting old >-<


you should respec into shorthanded cash imo

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TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 19 2012 11:24. Posts 249

id recommend picking an aspect of the game that intrigues you most or where you think you are most advanced and get a coach

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PoorUser    United States. Mar 20 2012 11:47. Posts 7359

probably best to start with low stakes full ring. focus on playing tight, learning correct bet sizing and learning the importance of position. try to make a friend or two a few levels above you that can help you out a lot on msn. can also post hands here

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