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Silver_nz   New Zealand. Mar 01 2012 06:20. Posts 5628
So, I've been watching a few LeggoPoker videos on Stroggs account (cause I am a too cheap to pay for it myself) And the Chess videos are amazing.
The coach, Curtains, is an international grandmaster who travels to alot of big live tournies in his quest to "not suck at the game" (even though he is already in top 100 in the world or something, heh).
He is very focused on making the correct play, and thinking things through, and making the best play. Also he is hyperactive, reminds me a little of day[9]. He was the guy who played Durrr for $50k in a chess game

He, somehow, makes exciting chess videos.

And its been helping me with poker, really getting me to re-evaluate my position in the a hand, and to figure out if I can do something like run a three barrel, or raise a river.
It's better than a poker training video. Rather than just doing what a video tells me, I am taking his approach/mindset and applying it to a HU match, and finding alot of creative lines to take.
Just talking in terms of kicking ass has made me more excited to play good poker.

Yep, thats it, having a bunch of new words to apply to compeditive situation has made me more focused at poker.

Phew, ok, I got that pinned down, blog is a sucess. thanks LP

P.S. My Graph for Feb. NL50 to NL400, HU 6max and FR.
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Spicy   United States. Mar 01 2012 09:32. Posts 1027

I used to watch his videos too
They actually got me interested in chess and helped me with my thought process for everything related to competitive games
Guy has a great mind and is so good at explaining things

auffenpuffer   Finland. Mar 01 2012 10:23. Posts 1429

funny to see that when playing bliz also GMs think like: "well i dunno... what the hell do i do now? shit, didn't see that move coming... oh hey i win now, nice"

K40Cheddar   United States. Mar 01 2012 11:00. Posts 2165

Greg Shahade is a very well known IM. Didn't know he was a poker player. Don't think he's a top 100 player worldwide, as there are many other GMs that are ranked higher. Regardless, he's still a beast. As a USCF member I get a subscription to a magazine called chess life. I'm pretty sure this guy is a consistent author of articles in the magazine. I haven't really analyzed any of his games but I know that he's pretty well known for his chess coaching/teaching. I like how he talks about the blitz game and he's like "Well don't know what to do here". Thats how I feel a lot when I play blitz lol.


idonklife   Sweden. Mar 01 2012 11:41. Posts 182

hmm.. is queen f3 a really bad move at 07:20ish?

Naib   Hungary. Mar 01 2012 11:43. Posts 946

A random IM is nowhere near top100 world level in chess, just so you know that

This is highly entertaining and eye-opening though, good find!

My favourite line is Bet/Fold. I bet, you fold. 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Mar 01 2012 11:47. Posts 1387

sweeeeeeeet, watching


zetzet   . Mar 01 2012 12:17. Posts 33

Is there any link/info to Durrr vs Greg chess game? Some rankings of him on fide website
Nice results btw.

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edzwoo   United States. Mar 01 2012 13:21. Posts 5911

Why in the world would durrrr play an IM for 50k? Is durrrr some sort of chess prodigy as well or a total sucker?

edzwoo   United States. Mar 01 2012 13:22. Posts 5911

Oh okay the IM was missing a rook, I guess that makes sense.

waga   United Kingdom. Mar 01 2012 15:18. Posts 2375

TR ?!

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Mar 02 2012 02:46. Posts 14026

  On March 01 2012 12:21 edzwoo wrote:
Why in the world would durrrr play an IM for 50k? Is durrrr some sort of chess prodigy as well or a total sucker?

pretty sure durrrr was a whale of a prop bettor for a while and lost numerous large sums making bets on things he had no chance of winning.

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Mar 02 2012 03:16. Posts 5628

Yeah, thats exactly it. Its great to hear the tought process of another type of compeditive gamer.

  On March 01 2012 14:18 waga wrote:

TR ?!

Yeah, kinda failed ;P Did 5 approaches, And got 2 convos out of it, was going to get a 3rd but got cockblocked HARD by a fat friend. then stroggos had to go.

DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Mar 02 2012 08:24. Posts 8623

I'm watching a bit of it, pretty cool.

waga   United Kingdom. Mar 03 2012 16:13. Posts 2375

  On March 01 2012 10:41 idonklife wrote:
hmm.. is queen f3 a really bad move at 07:20ish?

Yes , Qh6 gg no re
btw , he played this game really poorly , but it's really hard to play and comment at the same time.


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