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Tom 'durrrr' Dwan talks about problems with High Roller games and events

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Defrag   Poland. Jul 30 2018 20:23. Posts 4734

Tom Dwan seldom attends High Roller tournaments. He is currently more into cash games, especially the Short Deck ones. He also appeared in Korean Jeju, where he enjoyed Triton events.

Tom Dwan doesn't go to poker festivals too often. It's hard to see him at World Series of Poker and he stays away from the biggest events such as High Rollers. Why is that so? According to an interview given to it's a question of slow pace of such games.

- I played full deck in Montenegro and other places this year. This summer even in Bellagio. The problem is that people take tanking and staring to a whole different level and I just can't stand it – he complains.

Dwan thus joined the ranks of players who openly criticize all those guys who slow down cash games and tournaments. Poker player admits though that he is to blame as well – in the times of “High Stakes Poker” he also took his time, but then he had some important decisions!

-– I know I did the same in High Stakes Poker. I was doing that when there was 100 blinds in the pot and I was thinking of bluffing into it. And you have to remember I was trying it every time when I had garbage hand! Today people think for long minutes and it impacts the fields. There are fewer and fewer recreational players.

The basis for a good High Roller is the venue. We also need players (rich businessmen and amateurs) and good atmosphere.

-– If the atmosphere is good no one has a problem of longer thinking. Poker has always been a game for me, not sport. I don't get all those who try to sportify poker. Sport is all about running and throwing or kicking a ball. Poker should be a friendly game instead. Triton does exactly that.

Dwan was known for his aggressive game. Today most players attack when it is needed and they are well prepared. Does it mean Twan plays now like a robot? Absolutely not.

-– Today all are aggressive. They play well and work on their game. That is why coming up with new games and structures is good. You want to invite recreational players and businessmen that will think: “Maybe I'm not the best, but it's a new game and they don't have such an advantage”. When all people learn the same game for years it's hard to achieve it.

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Jul 31 2018 04:23. Posts 1374

weird that he didn't cover the most obvious problem with high roller games, when people pretend to put up a lot of money like over a million dollars and then never pay

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

K40Cheddar   United States. Aug 04 2018 16:26. Posts 2189

Didnt most high rollers incorporate shot clock? I guess 30 sec per person if everyone uses it is really long.



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