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DOJ will compensate AbsolutePoker and UB players with left-over FTP funds ($33,5mln)

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 23 2017 21:10. Posts 4668

Some good news for people who lost their cash in AP/UB scandals! According to a recent update on the website dedicated to the reimbursement of player funds for both Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet,, American Depertament of Justice will have $33,500,000 to repay customers of said poker rooms ! This comes very late, as those money is gone from balances of people since Black Friday happened over six years ago.

It had been announced by the US Department of Justice back in April that players who were unable to withdraw their online funds from AP & UB could be eligible for reimbursement if they enter into the remissions process which would be overseen by The Garden City Group (GCG, the same company who oversaw the lengthy remissions process for the reimbursement of funds to US customers of Full Tilt).

The announcement was made after the reimbursements to Full Tilt Players were done - since DOJ still had $45,000,000 in unclaimed monies. This money has now been made available for AP/UB claimants from both inside and outside of the USA. So far some 7,400 petitions totaling $33.5m have been approved for reimbusement with GCG saying:
“GCG has been informed that the Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section of the Department of Justice (MLARS) has approved a first round of payments to Petitioners who confirmed their Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet account balances prior to the initial June 9, 2017 filing deadline. The distribution will include payments to approximately 7,400 Petitioners with awards totaling almost $33.5 million.”

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Aug 24 2017 03:36. Posts 1302

was $45m more or less than they embezzled to begin with making this

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 


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