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Mike Sexton leaves World Poker Tour, becomes chairman of PartyPoker

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Defrag   Poland. May 25 2017 20:48. Posts 4628

Mike Sexton, after 15 years with company, is leaving the World Poker Tour (WPT) behind after getting a job offer from partypoker he just couldn't refuse.

Sexton was just officially appointed as Chairman of PartyPoker, a poker room that he originally helped to found in 2001.

Mike commented: "This is an emotional time for me because I have decided to leave the World Poker Tour to focus on this new role. I was at partypoker from the start, before there was even a name or a single virtual card was dealt. I experienced the crazy times of the poker boom when we became the number one site in the world, I remember people sleeping on the office floor when we were all working 24-7 get the software launched and I remember the first partypoker Million on a cruise ship which overlaid $500K."

According to partypoker's blog, Mike’s role as Chairman will be to represent the global poker community and guide partypoker to:

    Invest in software development to deliver an industry leading player experience
    Improve customer services and strive to resolve player issues in the same day
    Reward the loyalty of players who start games and keep the action going
    Look after smaller bankroll players with value added promotions
    Fight against the use of third party software that gives an unfair advantage
    Invest marketing budgets within the poker community
    Develop partypoker Live to become the largest live poker tour in the world
    Support partners and have their backs
    Only appoint management who get poker, who are trusted, and who actually care
    Hold hands up to the poker community when mistakes are made

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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 26 2017 02:51. Posts 1233

Good news, pretty sure Mike has history doing well in these scenarios.

Luckb0xx   Germany. May 26 2017 16:03. Posts 2069

Seeing whats happening to PokerStars, their games and their VIP system lately, it might be PartyPokers time to shine again. Well I like the direction it is currently going


jeremy5408   United States. May 27 2017 00:32. Posts 122

how does being an announcer make you qualified for running a company

Naib   Hungary. May 27 2017 10:43. Posts 946

"Invest in software development to deliver an industry leading player experience"

Oh yes, please. The only reason I haven't switched over to Party yet is this.

My favourite line is Bet/Fold. I bet, you fold. 


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