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CardRunners ending premium content, moving to YouTube

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Defrag   Poland. May 04 2017 23:58. Posts 4628

One of the very first and most popular educational sites with poker videos, which is responsible for educating thousands of poker players is moving forward from premium paid-for content to YouTube.

How will the new business model work for owners - it's hard to tell, however we can say that this is a bold move.

Here is a full e-mail received by users:
"Starting June 1st, CardRunners will stop the production of paid video content and move a portion of our library to YouTube. The website in its current form will remain online for at least a few months. Over the coming months we will periodically release new training content on our YouTube Channel.
We will be providing pro-rated refunds to members with long-term subscriptions* and all ongoing monthly subscriptions will be canceled. If you have any questions about your subscription please contact

Within the next few weeks, we will also begin releasing free coaching videos on We will release several of these videos each week and they will be focused on helping Hold'em Manager users better use statistics and our software to improve their results.

We would like to thank all of those who have been a part of the CardRunners community over the years.

-Taylor Caby, Andrew Wiggins, Alex Huang

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lucky331   . May 05 2017 03:39. Posts 971

goodbye green plastic.

Baalim   Mexico. May 05 2017 05:01. Posts 31990

when RIO wrecks your shit

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

SleepyHead   . May 05 2017 06:53. Posts 851

These guys helped make the games a lot harder around 2007ish. I hope it was worth it

Dude you some social darwinist ideas that they are giving hitlers ghost a boner - Baal 

whamm!   Albania. May 05 2017 08:28. Posts 11625

How does RIO make money though?

Sacr3D   Canada. May 05 2017 18:35. Posts 505

  On May 05 2017 05:53 SleepyHead wrote:
These guys helped make the games a lot harder around 2007ish. I hope it was worth it

Oh yeah, the games were SOOOOOOO hard in 2007

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careface_   Canada. May 08 2017 05:00. Posts 788

  On May 05 2017 17:35 Sacr3D wrote:
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Oh yeah, the games were SOOOOOOO hard in 2007

stupid comment

cardrunners helped the games improve A LOT quicker than they should of,

didn't affect the skills of pure fishs but affected a lot the skills of at least 50% of the regs, made the median skill level upgrade a lot, made the fish liquidity disappear a lot faster, etc

also affected A LOT the semi-fishs who knew about CR and improved from decent losers to slightly losers/winners. A lot of them money came from them also.



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