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Ray Bitar apologizes to the poker world

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Raidern   Brasil. Mar 07 2012 12:18. Posts 4160

Almost a year after Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker CEO Ray Bitar finally decided that he has some words to share with the poker community. In a brief interview with PokerStrategy, Bitar apologized and tried to explain the unexplainable - his silence.

“There are two reasons. One is the ongoing legal process which has precluded me from providing any relevant information surrounding the on-going investigation, and of course, I have not wanted to jeopardize the process in any way,” Bitar said. "The second reason is that, along with others, I have been working every single day since Black Friday to ensure players are repaid, which has been my top priority, as well as working on the future plans of FTP. This work had to be done out of the scrutiny of the public eye." He added that he believes public statements would have hurt the prospects of a positive outcome.

Bitar also said that his life has changed drastically since Black Friday and added that he's been cooperating with the Department of Justice in the ongoing investigation. Finally, when questioned whether he had anything else to say, Bitar apologized to those who have been affected by the events. Although it's a very short interview, it was Ray Bitar's personal request that the it was focused on his apology.

Read the full interview on PokerStrategy.

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HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Mar 07 2012 12:32. Posts 10877

my reaction when ive read the title

Defrag   Poland. Mar 07 2012 12:37. Posts 4612

where is my money

dnagardi   Hungary. Mar 07 2012 12:47. Posts 1517

  On March 07 2012 11:37 Defrag wrote:
where is my money

Drakk   Canada. Mar 07 2012 13:41. Posts 1199

Since when does LP have it's own twitter account lol.

Expect the worst, hope for the best 

RaiNKhAN    United States. Mar 07 2012 13:45. Posts 4080

pay or eid drawoh

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xicotaSLB   Portugal. Mar 07 2012 15:12. Posts 1124

die howard

Presti   Poland. Mar 07 2012 15:20. Posts 55

  On March 07 2012 12:45 RaiNKhAN wrote:
pay or eid drawoh

troll forever?

superfashion   United States. Mar 07 2012 16:20. Posts 918

don't think it's trolling if he's being serious

shoving here as a bluff at 50NL is like explaning calcalus to a 6 month old cat wtf are you thinking - TalentedTom 

Newblish   Canada. Mar 07 2012 16:22. Posts 560

Fork up the money you owe, thats all that matters. I dont need an apology if I get my money back Ray.

YoMeR   United States. Mar 07 2012 17:30. Posts 12369

word, put your money where your mouth is ;(

eZ Life. 

SpasticInk   Sweden. Mar 07 2012 18:32. Posts 6274

Maybe should have thought about that before making illegal transactions off the book with paid pros and share holders?

What pile of BS is this. What about the state FTP was in before Black Friday, having a huge (360 M $)budget deficit.

Twisted    Netherlands. Mar 07 2012 18:50. Posts 10422

Oh well it's a start.

PoorUser    United States. Mar 07 2012 18:52. Posts 7359

i noticed an apology for keeping silent and an apology that people haven't been repaid yet

still missing the big one though

Moneys gotta go in here 

Zep   United States. Mar 07 2012 19:59. Posts 2292

  On March 07 2012 17:52 PoorUser wrote:
i noticed an apology for keeping silent and an apology that people haven't been repaid yet

still missing the big one though


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PuertoRican   United States. Mar 07 2012 21:38. Posts 10941

Apologies online don't mean shit.

I was expecting a "Chael Sonnen" type of apology from this fuck face.

Rekrul is a newb 

julep   Australia. Mar 07 2012 23:35. Posts 1274

most unrevealing interview ive ever read

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Mar 08 2012 00:55. Posts 4840

Drown him


RaiNKhAN    United States. Mar 08 2012 03:01. Posts 4080

  On March 07 2012 23:55 VanDerMeyde wrote:
Drown him

too late

The biggest Rockets, Sixers, and Grizzlies fan you will ever meet! 

Rapoza   Brasil. Mar 08 2012 07:40. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

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