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Handnr: 979087
Submitted by : longple

***** Hand History for Game 83685745492 ***** Poker Stars
$1000.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Sunday, July 22, 10:42:43 ET 2012
Table Slipher IV Real Money
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 1: longple $3496.10 USD
Seat 4: Fitty99 $6734.55 USD
Fitty99 posts small blind [$5.00 USD].
longple posts big blind [$10.00 USD].
longple posts ante of [$2.00 USD].
Fitty99 posts ante of [$2.00 USD].

Dealt to longple [Ah8h ]
Fitty99 raises [$25.00 USD]
longple raises [$90.00 USD]
Fitty99 calls [$70.00 USD]

Flop (Pot : $185.00)

longple checks
Fitty99 bets [$150.00 USD]
longple raises [$395.00 USD]
Fitty99 calls [$245.00 USD]

Turn (Pot : $975.00)

longple bets [$735.00 USD]
Fitty99 calls [$735.00 USD]

River (Pot : $2,445.00)

longple bets [$2264.10 USD]
Fitty99 folds
longple wins $2264.10 USD
longple wins $2463.50 USD from main pot

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longple    Sweden. Jul 22 2012 10:51. Posts 4470

probably should check/call here

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Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 22 2012 11:04. Posts 4741

MiPwnYa would maybe 3b shove pre in this spot

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Jul 22 2012 11:10. Posts 8915

I dont get why you want to check here unless you expect him to float turn with like Ad4d or some shit... its just gonna go check check a ton.

longple    Sweden. Jul 22 2012 11:14. Posts 4470

well he is gonna VB a flush or random 3x 100% if i check

he said he folded 52hh after tanking and i believe him i was tanking some thinking if i wanted to ch/call or not i do that alot on these spots but we have been batteling so hard so i thought he probably wouldnt fold and might might might talk himself into bluffcatching here (aka call w everything)

a flush here is basically a bluffcatcher

so it comes down to if i think he is gonna bluffcatch in this spot or not

 Last edit: 22/07/2012 11:22

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Jul 22 2012 11:27. Posts 8915

Lets say you see he has 52hh and you have the naked Ah, how happy are you to bluff the river?

longple    Sweden. Jul 22 2012 11:36. Posts 4470

yea i dont expect many 5/10 players to fold flush bluffcatchers so obv i wouldnt bluff

but i just dont lose value here by checking (if i do not much, and its cool to protect my ch range here) i would think, he might even turn KJ into bluff trying to fold me out of AK AA, pretty much never ch/call this spot

and he also might call with that type of hand blocking KK and not thinking i would VB AK AA puttng me on something random, its a close spot

shoveing is standard tho, but playing against better opponents i like to be more tricky

 Last edit: 22/07/2012 11:40

PoorUser    United States. Jul 22 2012 12:30. Posts 7424

dont get how if you check its a c/c instead of a check shove

you must be one sick nit

Gambler Emeritus 

longple    Sweden. Jul 22 2012 12:35. Posts 4470


take a look at stacks again PU ;P

obv i jamm if he bets small wtf

and if he were to bet small and i was calling, it wouldnt make me a nit just a terrible handreader and thinker

 Last edit: 22/07/2012 13:16

casinocasino   Canada. Jul 22 2012 12:48. Posts 3339

is this more of a check the worse the player is? i get into 10 spots like this a month where i have nuts on the river and the fish/donk/whale/station folds for the last 60-PSB left

longple    Sweden. Jul 22 2012 12:50. Posts 4470

checking riv vs a fish is really bad they might not valuebet a flush and never will turn anything into a bluff + they will make bad calls with TP and 2pair and trips and stuff if u jamm

lebowski   Greece. Jul 22 2012 14:51. Posts 9175

I don't believe he folded a flush
I don't know him, but I don't believe it =P

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 


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