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Handnr: 953341
Submitted by : longple

***** Hand History for Game 76850613815 ***** Poker Stars
$1000.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, March 08, 12:21:24 ET 2012
Table Musa IV Real Money
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 1: pandorasbux $3677.74 USD
Seat 4: longple $7055.71 USD
longple posts small blind [$5.00 USD].
pandorasbux posts big blind [$10.00 USD].
pandorasbux posts ante of [$2.00 USD].
longple posts ante of [$2.00 USD].

Dealt to longple [5h4h ]
longple raises [$20.00 USD]
pandorasbux calls [$15.00 USD]

Flop (Pot : $45.00)

pandorasbux checks
longple bets [$38.52 USD]
pandorasbux raises [$140.00 USD]
longple calls [$101.48 USD]

Turn (Pot : $325.00)

pandorasbux bets [$280.00 USD]
longple calls [$280.00 USD]

River (Pot : $885.00)

pandorasbux checks
longple bets [$1337.00 USD]
pandorasbux calls [$1337.00 USD]
longple shows 5h4h
longple wins $3567.50 USD from main pot
pandorasbux doesn't show Tc9d

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longple    Sweden. Mar 08 2012 12:24. Posts 4425

this one was for u guys!

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FullBRing   Philippines. Mar 08 2012 12:44. Posts 579

is the video up ?

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Mar 08 2012 13:14. Posts 8915

hehe would you be sick enough to ever bluff with that size?

kingpowa   France. Mar 08 2012 13:16. Posts 1525

On how many tables are you playing him ?

sorry for shitty english. 

player999   Brasil. Mar 08 2012 13:43. Posts 7965

  On March 08 2012 12:14 EvilSky wrote:
hehe would you be sick enough to ever bluff with that size?


Browsing through your hand histories makes me wonder that you might not be aware these games are possibly play money. Have you ever tried to cash out? - Kapol 

longple    Sweden. Mar 08 2012 14:27. Posts 4425

i do it alot for leveling purposes as a bluff but then ppl always call so now i always do it for value too if there is room for a 1337 bet i do it ;D

even here its maybe a little to much of an overbet in general for him to herocall, but makeing it 1337 its not the same think as almost a 2x overbet its a overbet to a special number 1337 so i love makeing it extra big if its down in the like 7-900 because then u get away with it, because imo it looks fishier/smaller just cuz its 1337 then if i would make it 1275/800

^^, its nice on swedish site aswell when i can make it 13337 ;D

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Corde   United Kingdom. Mar 08 2012 14:33. Posts 1095

nice play on every street, I like the river over bet


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