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Handnr: 929430
Submitted by : Fayth

PokerStars Game #72472394494: Holdem No Limit ($1/$2 USD) - 2011/12/20 7:04:12 ET
Table Scabiosa IV 2-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: JodieSweetin ($1637 in chips)
Seat 2: Hero ($1701.10 in chips)
JodieSweetin: posts small blind $1
Hero: posts big blind $2

Dealt to Hero 9hJh
JodieSweetin: raises $2 to $4
Hero: raises $16 to $20
JodieSweetin: calls $16

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $40.00)

Hero: bets $26
JodieSweetin: raises $49 to $75
Hero: calls $49

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $190.00)

Hero: checks
JodieSweetin: bets $144
Hero: calls $144

River (Pot : $478.00)

Hero: checks
JodieSweetin: bets $344
Hero: raises $1118.10 to $1462.10 and is all-in
JodieSweetin: calls $1054 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($64.10) returned to Hero

Hero: shows 9hJh (a flush, Jack high)
JodieSweetin: shows ThJc (a straight, Eight to Queen)
Hero collected $3273.50 from pot

Total pot $3274 | Rake $0.50
Board  9c8hQc4h5h
Seat 1: JodieSweetin (button) (small blind) showed ThJc and lost with a straight, Eight to Queen
Seat 2: Hero (big blind) showed 9hJh and won ($3273.50) with a flush, Jack high

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dUUd_   Estonia. Dec 20 2011 07:14. Posts 1840


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redsnuff: bets all in with bad preflop hand and tell me to learn poker redsnuff: senceless 

Eluflop   Estonia. Dec 20 2011 07:26. Posts 3821

omgood this is sicko

wobbly_au   Australia. Dec 20 2011 07:32. Posts 6528

LOLLLL poor guy... how do u get regs to play so long and this deep....

when i play hu, people usually ask to change tables to play 100bbs...

The Last Laugh. 

Darace   France. Dec 20 2011 09:23. Posts 255

Probably cuz you have a 150% ROI on 10K MTTs

Twisted    Netherlands. Dec 20 2011 09:29. Posts 10422

And probably because he's down on PTR on his stars nick lol.

tuna333   Czech Republic. Dec 20 2011 09:55. Posts 128


morph1   Sierra Leone. Dec 20 2011 10:24. Posts 2352

ship 16bi pot

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life 

PplusAD   Germany. Dec 20 2011 10:28. Posts 7124

Hm i am not a good player but i dont see how JodieSweetin had a chance to avoid this ?
he cant check behind nor fold on river imo
This just looks like gigantic cooler to me and fayth pretty much "sucked out" on a 6% chance when he was in terrible shape for the most part

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz)Last edit: 20/12/2011 10:30

Twisted    Netherlands. Dec 20 2011 11:14. Posts 10422

well duh of course it's a cooler

no-one is saying the guy is bad or anything.

TalentedTom    Canada. Dec 20 2011 11:33. Posts 20070

preety sure fayth is not shoving 88-99 on the river here ;-0

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us and as we let our own lights shine we unconsciously give other people permision to do the same 

Bigbobm   United States. Dec 20 2011 11:42. Posts 5490

lol im with tom

Its time to stop thinking like a bitch and think smart like a poker player - ket 

Twisted    Netherlands. Dec 20 2011 12:00. Posts 10422

Of course you can argue if the call is correct or not, I was arguing the fact that pplusad thought we were all saying the guy blows.

Highcard   Canada. Dec 20 2011 13:17. Posts 5415

it sucks for him even more since he has the 10H which cuts down a lot of combos of flushes that Fayth can have here.

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

player999   Brasil. Dec 20 2011 20:51. Posts 7965

  On December 20 2011 12:17 Highcard wrote:
it sucks for him even more since he has the 10H which cuts down a lot of combos of flushes that Fayth can have here.

Q9/QJ/KQ/AQ are still alll out there tho, plus the "less expected" ones such as this

Browsing through your hand histories makes me wonder that you might not be aware these games are possibly play money. Have you ever tried to cash out? - Kapol 

Baalim   Mexico. Dec 21 2011 04:54. Posts 31899

of course he can find a fold especially when its not the Qh no the flop, im not saying its an easy fold but this is in no way an unavoidable cooler

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 


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