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Handnr: 913159
Submitted by : longple

***** Hand History for Game 1584088749 ***** Boss
$10000.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, July 20, 09:27:45 ET 2011
Table Karin 23 Real Money
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: longple1 $27687.65 USD
Seat 2: chipspåsen $13506.53 USD
longple1 posts small blind [$50.00 USD].
chipspåsen posts big blind [$100.00 USD].

Dealt to longple1 [2sAs ]
longple1 raises [$250.00 USD]
chipspåsen raises [$800.00 USD]
longple1 calls [$600.00 USD]

Flop (Pot : $1,650.00)

chipspåsen bets [$900.00 USD]
longple1 calls [$900.00 USD]

Turn (Pot : $3,450.00)

chipspåsen bets [$2200.00 USD]
longple1 calls [$2200.00 USD]

River (Pot : $7,850.00)

chipspåsen bets [$6200.00 USD]
longple1 calls [$6200.00 USD]
longple1 shows 2sAs
chipspåsen shows 4s6s
longple1 wins $20385.00 USD from main pot

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rememp   Canada. Jul 20 2011 18:11. Posts 480

Longple are you sick enough to call if a blank hits river?

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TalentedTom    Canada. Jul 20 2011 18:19. Posts 20070

def sick enough, but sometimes its nice to have a hand ;-)

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PoorUser    United States. Jul 20 2011 19:20. Posts 7424

feel like rivers probably a shove

Gambler Emeritus 

D_Zoo   Canada. Jul 20 2011 20:38. Posts 4013

  On July 20 2011 18:20 PoorUser wrote:
feel like rivers probably a shove

+1 with longster's image

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longple    Sweden. Jul 20 2011 21:07. Posts 4470

not against this guy, he is the turboest nit in the universe his riverrange is much more nut or rare blankair then most people
he dosnt barrel turn with any Ax hands i think that can call me here (that valuebets the river ofc)

dont think he barrel AQ on turn to often to be honest

this is a crycall for me against him ^^

 Last edit: 20/07/2011 21:09

PoorUser    United States. Jul 20 2011 21:11. Posts 7424

dont think anyone is folding an ace to a shove on river for 3400 more or whatever and since kj/kq are still easy valuebets i dont think its all too close

Gambler Emeritus 

longple    Sweden. Jul 20 2011 21:49. Posts 4470

its pretty villain specific

think he flats KJ everytime pre almost, and KQ sometimes, and i dont think he barrels any Ax on this turn

he is very tight in these spots to his draws and valuehands betting on the turn

he is a GTO nit

its not that i dont think he is would valuebet Ax on the river, i just dont think he bets them on the turn, therefor i call

 Last edit: 20/07/2011 21:52

PoorUser    United States. Jul 20 2011 21:54. Posts 7424

yeah i got that i just shove anyways ^_^~

Gambler Emeritus 


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