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Handnr: 892454
Submitted by : Carthac

Full Tilt Poker Game #28443759535: Table Supercharger (6 max) - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:48:08 ET - 2011/02/22
Seat 1: LeddyBoo ($64.25)
Seat 2: Hero ($74.50)
Seat 3: betandilfold ($87.15)
Seat 4: rio mismo ($100.55)
Seat 5: Harius ($80.65)
Seat 6: doubleuw ($43.50)
doubleuw posts the small blind of $0.25
LeddyBoo posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #5

Dealt to Hero3s3h
Hero raises to $1.50
betandilfold folds
rio mismo folds
Harius folds
doubleuw folds
LeddyBoo raises to $4
Hero has 15 seconds left to act
Hero calls $2.50

Flop (Pot : $8.25)

LeddyBoo checks
Hero checks

Turn (Pot : $8.25)

LeddyBoo bets $3.50
Hero raises to $13.50
LeddyBoo has 15 seconds left to act
LeddyBoo calls $10

River (Pot : $35.25)

LeddyBoo checks
Hero bets $57, and is all in
LeddyBoo folds
Uncalled bet of $57 returned to Hero
Hero mucks
Hero wins the pot ($33.50)

Total pot $35.25 | Rake $1.75
Seat 1: LeddyBoo (big blind) folded on the River
Seat 2: Hero collected ($33.50), mucked
Seat 3: betandilfold didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: rio mismo didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: Harius (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: doubleuw (small blind) folded before the Flop

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TheHuHu3   United States. Feb 22 2011 18:55. Posts 5544


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Carthac   United States. Feb 22 2011 18:56. Posts 1343

What do you guys think?

Turn bet seemed very scared, so I raised and intended to shove any non spade river.

16/13/0 nit btw, so I have a feeling his range is very polarized to top pair, 2 pair, or set hands. I had a feeling he would bet a set of aces on the flop though, so I put him on QQ or a scared A-K.

Looking over it, the risk/reward might be a little too far on the risk side.

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julep   Australia. Feb 22 2011 19:03. Posts 1274

makes no sense. you dont need to do this in order to win at 50nl

Carthac   United States. Feb 22 2011 19:05. Posts 1343

  On February 22 2011 18:03 julep wrote:
makes no sense. you dont need to do this in order to win at 50nl

Yeah, if I had flush I would have bet flop when it was checked to me, except maaaaaybe K-Q of spades

And no I don't need to do this to win, but I am looking to improve my game on the long term level rather than the short term monetary level.

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rockman255   Canada. Feb 22 2011 19:14. Posts 4471

you rep like nothing with the flop checkback, what hand actually takes the line you took other than a 22 that shouldnt be in the pot in the first place? if he folded JsJx or QsQx its more because of king on the river =2 overs and has nothing to do with your shove or your line and he probably folds to 1/2 pot

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Oly   United Kingdom. Feb 22 2011 19:15. Posts 3574

I'm no fan, it's not going to take very deep hand reading to spot this one and call.

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Venrae   United States. Feb 22 2011 19:17. Posts 1545

fwiw the biggest thing I've learned about trying to take down pots is, if you can't put yourself on a strong range of hands looking at your line from villains perspective, then it is very likely your line is bad.

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sunnysky7   . Feb 22 2011 23:31. Posts 1549

16/13/0 nit <- here
why defend 33? just lay it down pf...

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