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Handnr: 890981
Submitted by : vasoline73

Full Tilt Poker Game #28239357815: Table Nape (6 max) - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:57:25 ET - 2011/02/15
Seat 1: sassykat1270 ($25)
Seat 2: toesemikkel ($26.41)
Seat 3: argenpk ($25)
Seat 4: robjoelunchbox ($26)
Seat 5: jackgck ($31.37)
Seat 6: Teffery ($132.75)
jackgck posts the small blind of $0.10
Teffery posts the big blind of $0.25
The button is in seat #4

Dealt to jackgck3d3h
toesemikkel folds
argenpk folds
robjoelunchbox folds
jackgck raises to $1
Teffery has 15 seconds left to act
Teffery raises to $3
jackgck calls $2

Flop (Pot : $6.00)

jackgck checks
Teffery bets $3.50
jackgck calls $3.50

Turn (Pot : $13.00)

jackgck checks
Teffery has 15 seconds left to act
Teffery bets $8.25
jackgck raises to $24.87, and is all in
Teffery has 15 seconds left to act
Teffery has requested TIME
Teffery folds
Uncalled bet of $16.62 returned to jackgck
jackgck mucks
jackgck wins the pot ($28.03)

Total pot $29.50 | Rake $1.47
Seat 1: sassykat1270 is sitting out
Seat 2: toesemikkel didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: argenpk didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: robjoelunchbox (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: jackgck (small blind) collected ($28.03), mucked
Seat 6: Teffery (big blind) folded on the Turn

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vasoline73   United States. Feb 15 2011 22:02. Posts 790

Dealer: Hand #28239376955
Teffery: nice catch
Teffery: stuped moron
jackgck: ty

I never get why people do this. I mean if he called with 99-AA or something and I bink the 3 on the river I understand but why pout about some hand you didn't even see get to showdown and you folded?

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