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Handnr: 819385
Submitted by : xicotaSLB

PokerStars Game #42897640867: Holdem No Limit ($0.05/$0.10 USD) - 2010/04/19 19:36:36 WET [2010/04/19 14:36:36 ET]
Table Dynamene X 6-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: Orik007 ($12.95 in chips)
Seat 2: Architeutis1 ($10 in chips)
Seat 3: huetti87 ($10.45 in chips)
Seat 4: xicotaSLB ($9.85 in chips)
Seat 5: Kaktys100500 ($3.40 in chips)
Seat 6: 5ofakindNL ($11.10 in chips)
5ofakindNL: posts small blind $0.05
Orik007: posts big blind $0.10

Dealt to xicotaSLB QdQh
Architeutis1: folds
huetti87: folds
xicotaSLB: raises $0.20 to $0.30
Kaktys100500: folds
5ofakindNL: raises $0.60 to $0.90
Orik007: folds
xicotaSLB: calls $0.60

Flop (Pot : $1.90)

5ofakindNL: bets $0.90
xicotaSLB: raises $1.40 to $2.30
5ofakindNL: raises $3.20 to $5.50
xicotaSLB: folds
Uncalled bet ($3.20) returned to 5ofakindNL
5ofakindNL collected $6.20 from pot
5ofakindNL: doesnt show hand

Total pot $6.50 | Rake $0.30
Board  2cTd3s
Seat 1: Orik007 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 2: Architeutis1 folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 3: huetti87 folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 4: xicotaSLB folded on the Flop
Seat 5: Kaktys100500 (button) folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 6: 5ofakindNL (small blind) collected ($6.20)

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xicotaSLB   Portugal. Apr 19 2010 16:14. Posts 1124

is this okay? villain is 16/8 vpip pfr 62hands, i dont think he calls with AT only beat JJ :S

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edzwoo   United States. Apr 19 2010 16:17. Posts 5911

No this is not okay. There's a lot of things wrong with this hand, but the most important one is if you're not going to stackoff, what's the point of raising the flop? That basically means you're bluffing.

TheHuHu3   United States. Apr 19 2010 16:17. Posts 5543

Don't call a 3-bet with QQ if you're going to fold on this flop.

Don't 3-bet the flop if you're going to fold to a raise.

Just horrible.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

EzPzLmnSqz   United States. Apr 19 2010 17:14. Posts 526

lol 62 hands


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