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Handnr: 721149
Submitted by : Artanis[Xp]

PokerStars Game #30802844027: Razz Limit ($100/$200) - 2009/07/24 1:41:38 CET [2009/07/23 19:41:38 ET]
Table Seinajoki 8-max
Seat 1: Good Hand2 ($1080 in chips)
Seat 4: yuvee04 ($7925 in chips)
Seat 7: Artanis11 ($10777 in chips)
Seat 8: wiper222 ($6017 in chips)
Good Hand2: posts the ante $20
yuvee04: posts the ante $20
Artanis11: posts the ante $20
wiper222: posts the ante $20

3rd Street (Pot : $0.00)

Dealt to Good Hand2 9c
Dealt to yuvee04 8c
Dealt to Artanis11 2dTs6d
Dealt to wiper222 Ks
wiper222: brings in for $35
Good Hand2: calls $35
yuvee04: folds
Artanis11: calls $35

4th Street (Pot : $0.00)

Dealt to Good Hand2 9c 2c
Dealt to Artanis11 2dTs6d 3h
Dealt to wiper222 Ks 2h
Artanis11: bets $100
wiper222: folds
Good Hand2: raises $100 to $200
Artanis11: calls $100

5th Street (Pot : $400.00)

Dealt to Good Hand2 9c2c 4h
Dealt to Artanis11 2dTs6d3h 5d
Artanis11: checks
Good Hand2: bets $200
Artanis11: calls $200

6th Street (Pot : $800.00)

Dealt to Good Hand2 9c2c4h Ad
Dealt to Artanis11 2dTs6d3h5d 4s
Artanis11: bets $200
yuvee04 said, "im good now in my own area :-)"
Good Hand2: raises $200 to $400
Artanis11: raises $200 to $600
Good Hand2: raises $25 to $625 and is all-in
Betting is capped
Artanis11: calls $25

River (Pot : $2,050.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 2dTs6d3h5d4s 4c

Good Hand2: shows 3c6c9c2c4hAdQc (Lo: 6,4,3,2,A)
Artanis11: mucks hand
Good Hand2 collected $2233 from pot

Total pot $2235 | Rake $2
Seat 1: Good Hand2 showed 3c6c9c2c4hAdQc and won ($2233) with Lo: 6,4,3,2,A
Seat 4: yuvee04 folded on the 3rd Street (didnt bet)
Seat 7: Artanis11 mucked 2dTs6d3h5d4s4c
Seat 8: wiper222 folded on the 4th Street

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