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Handnr: 1078937
Submitted by : HungarianGOD

PokerStars Home Game Hand #151887602936: {HungarianGOD Headsup} Omaha Pot Limit (3/6) - 2016/04/14 0:00:11 ET
Table HU PLO 2 2-max (Play Money) Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: Player#1400 (1956.3 in chips)
Seat 2: HungarianGOD (2983.95 in chips)
HungarianGOD: posts small blind 3
stockdawg9: posts big blind 6

Dealt to HungarianGOD AdAsQd5s
HungarianGOD: raises 12 to 18
Player#1400: raises 36 to 54
HungarianGOD: raises 108 to 162
Player#1400: calls 108

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $330.00)

Player#1400: checks
HungarianGOD: bets 108
Player#1400: raises 262 to 370
HungarianGOD: calls 262

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $1,070.00)

Player#1400: bets 88
HungarianGOD: raises 410 to 498
Player#1400: raises 932.3 to 1,430.3 and is all-in
HungarianGOD: calls 932.3

River (Pot : $1,072.00)


Player#1400: shows KdQhJs8h (three-of-a kind, Eights)
HungarianGOD: shows AdAsQd5s (a flush, Ace-high)
HungarianGOD collected 3921.1 from pot

Total pot 3024.1 | Rake 3
Board  8d8s2d2c3d
Seat 1: Player#1400 (big blind) mucked KdQhJs8h
Seat 2: HungarianGOD (button) (small blind) showed AdAsQd5s and won (3921.1) with a flush, Ace-high .

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HungarianGOD   . Jan 07 2018 20:53. Posts 448

This was NOT played on Pokerstars, it was played on a different site that is softer. I was battling against this reg at various stakes ranging from $2/$4 to $5/$10 for the last 2 days. I have probably won a large portion of his bankroll at this point, and he was seeming quite tilted. My image is ridiculously aggro (which is truthfully how I had been playing): at the end of the night last night, in a 5-handed game he 5-bet allin against me preflop with decent kings. He seems to normally be on the tight side, but probably didn't know how to adjust very well to the aggression and was struggling and making some spewy plays.

That said, is my turn raise here just a total punt? His turn c-bet is essentially a check, and after thinking about it for a bit, I think I should be checking this turn with close to 100% of my range (so in this case just call the $88).

Not sure why the river pot size is screwed up in hand reader.

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MezmerizePLZ    United States. Jan 08 2018 09:16. Posts 2587

Having the NFD I see no reason to raise turn


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