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Handnr: 1078191
Submitted by : YoMeR

GAME #3522102312: Texas Holdem NL $1/$2 2017-10-30 23:20:39/GMT
Table Table13425471
Seat 4: P4-150325XT $490.08 in chips
Seat 5: P5-441364YY $197.00 in chips
Seat 6: P6-960722HX $388.50 in chips
Seat 7: Hero $329.07 in chips DEALER
Seat 8: P8-853138EF $198.00 in chips
P8-853138EF: Post SB $1.00
P4-150325XT: Post BB $2.00

Dealt to HeroAsKh
P5-441364YY: Fold
P6-960722HX: Raise NF $6.00
Hero: Raise NF $20.00
P8-853138EF: Fold
P4-150325XT: Fold
P6-960722HX: Call $14.00

Flop (Pot : $43.00)

P6-960722HX: Check
Hero: Check

Turn (Pot : $43.00)

P6-960722HX: Bet $25.50
Hero: Call $25.50

River (Pot : $94.00)

P6-960722HX: Check
Hero: Bet $136.00
P6-960722HX: Call $136.00

Total pot $363.00 Rake $3.00
Hero: ShowsAsKh One Pair, Kings
P4-150325XT: wins $0.00
P5-441364YY: wins $0.00
P6-960722HX: wins $0.00
Hero: wins $363.00
P8-853138EF: wins $0.00

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 31 2017 02:18. Posts 6540

e-z game. Curious why the overbet?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 31 2017 02:53. Posts 4565

If someone was to lead turn here, they should overbet it and jam river, since you have a lot of AK in your range on turn, by leading they are repping a hand stronger than AK, so it should be sized as overbet/jam river. It is pretty weird to lead turn, because i don't think a reg would be nitty enough to check back AK on turn out of fear of the c/r. there arn't many hands that can c/r, you basically gotta flop a set.

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Nitewin   United States. Oct 31 2017 17:00. Posts 1186

overbet gives the perception of polarizing. but let's be real, you are never betting 136 with your missed AJcc.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 31 2017 17:57. Posts 4565

well, if i bet such a tiny size on turn like this guy i would jam river with AJcc. $136 is probably too small.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

handbanana21   United States. Oct 31 2017 21:49. Posts 3027

strog what hands should villain be ovb with? are ajcc aqcc better as standard bets because of our removal? And we should use the ovb sizing with 55 66 910?

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 31 2017 23:35. Posts 4565

if we are balanced and not saying we should be, but if we were, we have something 3:5 or 4:5 ratio of bluffs to value depending on how turn sizing went. so when i originally saw this i thought that 55/66 might be folding pre to some extent. and our value hands would be 77/88/maybe 78s. so 6-8 value combos and we can balance that with AJcc, AQcc, A9cc, QJcc, 9Tcc.

Alright, i ran a pio sim. I think it's pretty obvious how to play this hand and pio largely agrees: I put all Axs in flatting range and all pocket pairs, 78s+. with less suited Ax and pp's because suited Ax 4bet sometimes and 55-22 play terribly out of position.

it will give a mixed strategy of: leading turn for 1/3, leading overbet, and check-call or check-raise. The leading small on turn range suprised me but it kinda makes sense now that i think about and see what it is. It's pretty difficult to put into your game with a overbet lead range as well though, so we could ignore it as it's a small part of the overal strategy and only does it 12% of the time.

It smashes overbet on turn with A6s, A5s, ATcc, A9cc, some Ajcc, AcJ, T9s, some 77, 44 and 88 and some AK ( i think its kinda weird to overbet AK). ignore the AA/KK combos there i have that weighted 10% of AA's/KKs, so that always be 4betting deep i think but i forgot to remove it from preflop ranges. So it's not exactly balanced on turn, only 30% of the turn overbet range is value, but that makes sense because the bluffing hands do have good equity, so it doesn't need to be balance because the semi bluffs have a lot of equity.

It will check-raise T9s, 87s, and check-jam turn with T9cc and a few 87 combos, and it will c/c turn with 88.

after it overbets turn, it will overbet river all A6s, A5s, AK, 88/77/44, some AJs/Ajo. it tends to prefer not overbet bluffing with club draws on river, and the overbet bluff hands on river are 90% A6s-A2s without clubs. But this is pio and it's way better at maths than humans, so i think its fine to just bluff river with your club Axs since not many humans would overbet turn with non club Axs, i think.

so yeah it thinks Axs are the best bluffing hands on river, because of removal and zero showdown value like you said. putting 66/55 in there is just way too imbalanced but if you think people overfold then go for it.

supposed to have greenstar not braceletLast edit: 31/10/2017 23:53

careface_   Canada. Nov 01 2017 06:01. Posts 788

  On October 31 2017 16:00 Nitewin wrote:
overbet gives the perception of polarizing. but let's be real, you are never betting 136 with your missed AJcc.

exactly this

0 balance spot, dont try to lvl us

handbanana21   United States. Nov 01 2017 13:18. Posts 3027

thx strogg. makes alot of sense.Whats cool about not having Ac is that if he calls turn with AcKx then he can remove all of our Acxc from our bluffing range and think we have few bluffs

YoMeR   United States. Nov 04 2017 04:46. Posts 12397

holy shit didn't think this much real discussion came out from my random hand post lmao. Thx for the input fellas.

This spot wasn't really about balance. But in the short session i had with him i knew he was thinking about ranges, He was a bit steamy/tilted from losing a few hands vs me already. He's currently playing about ~38/25 atm and i'm prob 3betting between 7-10% at this moment. Prob more of a linear range with an emphasis on value.

He's definitely over defending vs my 3 bet in this spot and will be taking careless stabs/bets without much thinking imo.

River is a spot to where he's almost always capped to 1 pair and i have the nut 1 pair so....

would be interesting what i'd do with AJcc. I think i'd prefer to raise turn exploitatively but prob not...can't remember exact details atm.

Quick question. Would you rather do a similar sized overbet or overbet shove? I have some ppl on team shove. And I can see the merits to that.

eZ Life. 


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