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Handnr: 1061862
Submitted by : YoMeR

GAME #3213988481: Texas Holdem NL $2/$4 2016-01-19 02:18:27/GMT
Table Ilaergue
Seat 2: YoMeR $386.00 in chips
Seat 3: P3_589381LN $131.20 in chips
Seat 4: P4_597024XT $400.00 in chips
Seat 5: P5_879811WN $862.90 in chips
Seat 6: P6_880976DO $190.00 in chips
Seat 8: P8_186337YE $394.00 in chips
Seat 9: P9_275732LS $438.90 in chips DEALER
YoMeR: Post SB $2.00
P3_589381LN: Post BB $4.00

Dealt to YoMeR3c3s
P4_597024XT: Raise NF $12.00
P5_879811WN: Fold
P6_880976DO: Fold
P8_186337YE: Fold
P9_275732LS: Fold
YoMeR: Call $10.00
P3_589381LN: Fold

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $28.00)

YoMeR: Check
P4_597024XT: Bet $22.00
YoMeR: Raise NF $58.00
P4_597024XT: Call $36.00

Turn (Pot : $144.00)

YoMeR: Bet $86.00
P4_597024XT: Call $86.00

River (Pot : $316.00)

YoMeR: Allin $230.00

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TheHuHu3   United States. Jan 19 2016 11:46. Posts 5544

You ulted too early.

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lebowski   Greece. Jan 19 2016 22:29. Posts 9144

how wide is he utg?

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Jan 20 2016 00:03. Posts 7499

I'm assuming everything we beats folds always, and everything that beats us calls. I don't think he's folding any flushes, sets/straights re-raise before the river the vast majority of the time.

So I think Check calling > jamming.

Might be a check fold though, depends on how often he's turning made hands into bluffs here once you check. Which good players till be doing a ton, and weak/bad players will be doing almost never.

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casinocasino   Canada. Jan 21 2016 05:13. Posts 3336

if your going to reraise small on flop you should bomb the turn.

check river

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Jan 28 2016 02:00. Posts 6374

c/f imo :O

ban baal 


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