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Handnr: 1053223
Submitted by : fira

Full Tilt Poker Game #35539927244: Table Play Chip 210 (heads up) - NL Hold'em - 250K/500K - 19:24:58 ET - 2015/05/03
Seat 1: IDontRaiseMuch (44,000,000)
Seat 2: IFoldALot (72,480,000)
IDontRaiseMuch posts the small blind of 250,000
IFoldALot posts the big blind of 500,000
The button is in seat #1

Dealt to IFoldALot9sAd
IDontRaiseMuch raises to 1,500,000
IFoldALot folds
Uncalled bet of 1,000,000 returned to IDontRaiseMuch
IDontRaiseMuch mucks
IDontRaiseMuch wins the pot (1,000,000)

Total pot 1,000,000 | Rake 0
Seat 1: IDontRaiseMuch (small blind) collected (1,000,000), mucked
Seat 2: IFoldALot (big blind) folded before the Flop

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fira   United States. May 04 2015 00:29. Posts 6345

vs 66/14 with 36% cbet

seems too tight to fold this?

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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 04 2015 05:07. Posts 1284

hes going to be so straightforward post that you can easily play your hand, therefore i'd call, although the 14% preflop raise is so tight i don't mind the fold at all. not a terrible hand to create a 3bet dynamic with having an ace blocker and well, hes straightforward post, so maybe a good route to take as well.

fira   United States. May 04 2015 07:17. Posts 6345

ya i agree with the call. if he was something like 70% cbet i'd be wanting to do something else. as for 3betting, i didn't think he'd fold much since he's usually gonna have a hand that can at least call, and my hand doesn't flop very well. i don't recall his fold to 3bet but i know i flatted QQ once because 3betting seemed just slightly +ev and i really didn't want to face a 4bet, though it'd probably be an easy fold o.o

traxamillion   United States. May 04 2015 20:07. Posts 10465

much too tight of a fold HU; even vs 3x sizing


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