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Handnr: 1029095
Submitted by : Fayth

PokerStars Hand #111619469239: Holdem No Limit ($2/$4 USD) - 2014/02/10 16:53:05 ET
Table Ludovica IV 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: Romulaz ($460.95 in chips)
Seat 2: uwbabe ($148 in chips)
Seat 3: Hero ($410 in chips)
Seat 4: Milana Jones ($406 in chips)
Seat 6: MakoEv ($859.63 in chips)
Hero: posts small blind $2
Milana Jones: posts big blind $4
casablatt: sits out

Dealt to Hero 3cKc
MakoEv: folds
Romulaz: folds
uwbabe: folds
Hero: raises $8 to $12
Milana Jones: calls $8

Flop (Pot : $24.00)

Hero: bets $11.46
Milana Jones: raises $22.54 to $34
Hero: calls $22.54

Turn (Pot : $92.00)

Hero: checks
Milana Jones: bets $64.22
Hero: calls $64.22

River (Pot : $220.44)

Hero: checks
Milana Jones: bets $117.87

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Daut    United States. Feb 10 2014 17:28. Posts 8913

pretty clear call. what flats pre, raises the flop and 3 barrels? some people have KJo here (i likely 3bet this), some have Kxss (i wouldnt raise the ones i flatted though), and does 77 really only half pot river (i would fucking bomb 77)? if i reached the river with a 7 id have a tough time folding, let alone Kx. and dont think raising has any value whatsoever, but i think youre likely good here a lot.

i dont know him at all though, depends a lot on how he plays. but if i was the villain here, almost no value hand makes sense for me to have besides K7 (which i probably would play like this to try to get crying calls from Jx i guess)

i kinda like mixed river betsizings here too. halfpot with K7 and any KJ id have and missed draws that block none of your draws, like 89hh. and bomb with 77 and missed draws that overlap your draws like T9ss/Q9ss. i probably flat most stuff on flop though.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Feb 10 2014 17:56. Posts 4714

i dont get why someone would halfpot river here.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

Big_Rob_isback   United States. Feb 10 2014 20:39. Posts 200

I think he bets half pot so he can 1) get you to shove a king if he has a monster like 77 himself or k7. Or 2) he half pots to try to get a thin call out of you, thinking you have a jack or 7 or something. And 3) he could put you simply on a draw and bet small to minimize losses if you actually have a good hand.

I havent played poker in 5 years though

just playing live poker for fun 

Baalim   Mexico. Feb 11 2014 02:00. Posts 33571

If we are not gong to call a half pot bet on one of the best rivers we could get then why on earth are we calling turn or even flop?

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

Smuft   Canada. Feb 11 2014 04:35. Posts 627

this hand and that A7 hand you posted recently I find to be the snappest of calls ever

obv you think there is decision here, maybe you could explain why

CrownRoyal   Oman. Feb 11 2014 04:49. Posts 11367



okyougosu   Russian Federation. Feb 11 2014 05:57. Posts 962

insta call this guy never has a hand


nolan   Ireland. Feb 11 2014 06:21. Posts 6205

+1 to daut and baal

If we're calling flop/turn here I don't see any reason whatsoever to fold this river.

If we're asking about a raise, I don't see anything calling us that we beat, and I'm not sure you can fold out better ever as I'm not sure KTo or something would take this line (and then fold) often enough.

On September 08 2008 10:07 Baal wrote: my head is a gyroscope, your argument is invalid 


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