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HU advice need

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LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Jul 07 2011 19:45. Posts 165
Hello.It's been strange these days - US players banned from PS and FTP, later on FTP got banned..For some time now I'm watching some good NLHE players moving to PLO, so to make it brief - poker is changing.And I think it's a good time to consider some change in my poker life aswell.
What I'm thinking about is investment - investment in my poker play.I don't rely on poker about money, but the truth is that I have been in this game for too long and maybe I should give myslef a chance and try and take a bit more professional look to my game.
So what I'm thinking about is starting playing HU in PS.What I need is information so I could be able to decide if it's worthy for me to make that investment or not.
I am not a multitabler.I enjoy playing 1 table 2 at most.Also I'm willing to start from 100NL, but considering my lack of experience maybe I would accept to play 50NL.Also I think that if i make this step I will definetly make it with some sort of long term coaching.
So for now I would ask you to help me to do my math - I want to make some calculations how much money should I need to make this happen, because this will be the main factor to decide weather I'll do it or not.
To sum it up - I want to start playing HU at PS at 100NL(maybe 50NL), I want to do it by playing 1 or at most 2 table and I want to make a long term coaching deal.Could you help me with the approximate sum that I'll need to begin with - how many Buy-ins for the limit given + how much do you think I'm gonna spend for a reasonable coaching for a reasonable period of time?

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chris   United States. Jul 07 2011 20:57. Posts 5503

30 bi + for 50nl

50 bi + for 100nl

depends on edge and tilt control though. you could maybe start with 1k at 50nl since its only 1 or 2 tables, but question is, what is your loss tolerance? the games can move fast and you can drop a buy in or two pretty quickly, just like making a couple buy ins or so

you also have to decide how deep you are willing to play

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rememp   Canada. Jul 07 2011 21:32. Posts 480

Some greatt heads up lp players are F4zi and longple, and both have thought about coaching. Obviously, other unreal heads up players around. Ask them.

Gsr_01_integ   United States. Jul 07 2011 21:42. Posts 826

dont forget about player999 hes also a great HU player, altho not sure if he does or even offers coaching

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player999   Brasil. Jul 07 2011 23:39. Posts 7978

I do but my program is completely focused on HUsngs, don't know if I could be a good cash coach

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NewbSaibot   United States. Jul 08 2011 10:39. Posts 4913

If you're getting bored try dabbling in PLO. It's a good game for action junkies and since you're new, playing 1 table shouldnt get boring right away. Plus the player pool is still awful, so with some basic abc strategy, you should do ok at the micro limits.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Jul 09 2011 03:29. Posts 6540

if ur gna play 1-2 tables. just use a 10buyin rule and mvoe down when u have 5 move up when u have 10 for next limit.

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