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April Results

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egood   United States. Apr 30 2011 20:19. Posts 1883

Online cash: +$1350.62
Live cash: +$1900

Overall: +$3250.62

So decent month, hopefully will get my money from FTP soon. Didn't play much live this month as I had a fair amount of work, plus trying to hit the gym more frequently. Also doing the hour drive to and from the casino is starting to be a bit annoying. I have some money on merge but I think I'm just gonna stick to live for a bit, and focus more on getting healthy and stuff.

Might be taking an internship in seattle with some friends for the summer as well. Also was looking into getting a dog, a greyhound, but may have to wait until the fall or august for that.

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Wreckognize   . Apr 30 2011 22:31. Posts 1263

had a greyhound and lab mix, he died a couple years ago. was one of the coolest dogs ever.

Mariuslol   Norway. May 01 2011 05:30. Posts 4742

I had a dog follow me yday when I was talking a walk, was brown, also rly awesome!!


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