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LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Apr 19 2011 05:13. Posts 165
Hi there.
I'm not very sure why FTP is closed for USA citizens but as I'm concerned it has something to do with some sort of FBI investigation.
But st8 to the point.And I want to make it clear - I'm not mocking here, just was stunned when I realised that FTP got many times softer when the USA has gone.I don't know if the USA are the best players or the nittest (I guess more of the second) but the matter of fact is, the games got reallyyyyyyyyy soft these days.I mean - even softer.
So, respect to all USA players and I want to share an idea that comes to my mind playing with all those ausies, costa ricans and so on...If some of you want a bulgarian flat with fast internet and FTP acc. to play with - I'm here for you.I'm pretty sure it gonna pay off for you. Just a joke.Or maybe not.
Have a nice day.

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julep   Australia. Apr 19 2011 05:46. Posts 1274

shipping bones at 2nl??

Babs   Australia. Apr 19 2011 06:37. Posts 1178

poker is hard at all levels julep, those 2nl swings can really fuck you up

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QuirkyEric   Slovakia. Apr 19 2011 06:55. Posts 308

yea nl2 was hell before this happened..
now its so easy to crush it.
y <3 fbi 2

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gawdawaful   Canada. Apr 19 2011 08:42. Posts 9005

PartyCasino has roulette

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LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Apr 19 2011 09:22. Posts 165

  On April 19 2011 07:42 gawdawaful wrote:
PartyCasino has roulette

Hmm, wonder why so many people think that I was talking about online roulette.In fact I mean live roulette in a live casino

rockman255   Canada. Apr 19 2011 11:58. Posts 4471

  On April 19 2011 07:42 gawdawaful wrote:
PartyCasino has roulette

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NewbSaibot   United States. Apr 19 2011 13:02. Posts 4913

Yeah I never understood why people said they want to play during USA evening hours, when it's clearly the eurodonks who are the worst.

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MeaL   United States. Apr 19 2011 13:43. Posts 3079

haha this is so true i played right after ban 10 buy-ins first day second day another 5 lol

ShaperofDreams   Canada. Apr 19 2011 15:05. Posts 438

fuck I'm in canada and my cashier says I have no money, i should have like 37 bucks from 14 months ago fucking around..

it doesnt even say I have 0 dollars, there is no dollar measurement in my cashier at all wtf.

did i just lose 37 bucks somehow?


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